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Founded1827; 195 years ago (1827)
ProductsPasta, ready-made sauces, bakery products

Buitoni (Italian pronunciation: [buiˈtoːni][1]) is an Italian food company based in Sansepolcro. It was founded in 1827. They are known for their factory-produced products of pasta and sauces.[2]

In 1985, the Buitoni family sold the company to Carlo De Benedetti; in 1988, it was acquired by Nestlé.[3][4] In 2017, Nestlé began a brand reorganization and licensed a variety of Buitoni frozen ready meals in Italy to Frosta AG of Bremerhaven, Germany.[5]


A container of Buitoni pesto

Buitoni produces a range of pasta and sauces.[6] The company exports products to about 50 countries and offers private-label production services. Casa Buitoni is located up in the hills of Tuscany along with the fields of tomatoes, wheat, vegetables, herbs, and olives. It was the house of Giulia's grandson, Giuseppe, and it now serves as a company product development center. Buitoni products are created and sampled in the casa, which includes a test kitchen, demonstration workshop and communications center. [7]

Team at Buitoni[edit]

As of 2013, the key staff members included:[8]

  • Enrico Braganti-Head of Casa Buitoni
  • Valentina Cecconi-Nutritionist
  • Marco Donnini-Experimental Kitchen head Chef

2013 meat adulteration scandal[edit]

In February 2013, traces of horse meat were detected in Buitoni products in Spain and Italy as a result of the 2013 meat adulteration scandal, and had to be withdrawn.[9]


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