D-Man-alpha-(1-3)-D-Glc-beta-(1-4)-D-Glc-alpha-1-diphosphoundecaprenol 2-beta-glucuronyltransferase

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D-Man-alpha-(1->3)-D-Glc-beta-(1->4)-D-Glc-alpha-1-diphosphoundecaprenol 2-beta-glucuronyltransferase
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D-Man-alpha-(1->3)-D-Glc-beta-(1->4)-D-Glc-alpha-1-diphosphoundecaprenol 2-beta-glucuronyltransferase (EC, GumK) is an enzyme with systematic name UDP-glucuronate:D-Man-alpha-(1->3)-D-Glc-beta-(1->4)-D-Glc-alpha-1-diphospho-ditrans,octacis-undecaprenol beta-1,2-glucuronyltransferase.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction

UDP-glucuronate + D-Man-alpha-(1->3)-D-Glc-beta-(1->4)-D-Glc-alpha-1-diphospho-ditrans,octacis-undecaprenol UDP + D-GlcA-beta-(1->2)-D-Man-alpha-(1->3)-D-Glc-beta-(1->4)-D-Glc-alpha-1-diphospho-ditrans,octacis-undecaprenol

The enzyme is involved in the biosynthesis of the exopolysaccharides xanthan (in the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris) and acetan (in the bacterium Gluconacetobacter xylinus).


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