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Dakta Green, formerly Kenneth Morgan (born 1950, in Wellington)[1] is a former New Zealand cannabis law reform activist and political candidate.[2] He changed his name by public poll in 2008. He is the Activism co-ordinator for NORML New Zealand, the driver of Mary Jane the Cannabus, and founder of The Daktory.[3] He was a candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party in the 2009 Mount Albert by-election.


In June 2019, Green announced to the public that he had opened a new cannabis club in Mount Victoria, Wellington. In an interview he claimed a membership of 700 for the newly minted club.

Green founded the club in April 2019, although in the article, glossed over his issuing of trespass notices to the former staff, who had refused to leave and illegally changed the locks. The group who were evicted with notice were allowed back in to take their property and stole other property at the same time.[citation needed]

Critics[who?] widely allege that Green used unlawful and unethical tactics in the power struggle, including the employment of private security in defence of property in his name.

Insiders claim that Green enjoys effective immunity from police interest, and was protected by police during the dispute, due to his influence within the ALCP and his new source of liquid cash through the drug distribution operation.[according to whom?]

He was jailed for one year in Shasta County, California in 1999, and for two years and eight months in New Zealand from November 2002.[1] On 29 June 2011 he was sentenced in the Auckland District Court to 8 months in prison, for various cannabis related charges.

On 26 September 2011, the Solicitor General appealed the sentence of 8 months in prison[4] and the Court of Appeal almost tripled the sentence to 23 months in prison.[5]

Green is the focus of the 2011 TV3 documentary Inside New Zealand: High Time?, directed by Arik Reiss, and also features in the 2015 New Zealand documentary Druglawed.

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