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Dakta Green, formerly Kenneth Morgan (born 1950, in Wellington)[1] is a former New Zealand cannabis law reform activist and political candidate.[2] He changed his name by public poll in 2008. He is the Activism co-ordinator for NORML New Zealand, the driver of Mary Jane the Cannabus, and founder of The Daktory.[3] He was a candidate for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party in the 2009 Mount Albert by-election.


In June 2019, Green announced to the public that he had opened a new cannabis club in Mount Victoria, Wellington. In an interview he claimed a membership of 700 for the newly minted club.[citation needed]

He was jailed for one year in Shasta County, California in 1999, and for two years and eight months in New Zealand from November 2002.[1]

On 26 September 2011, the Solicitor General appealed the sentence of 8 months in prison[4] and the Court of Appeal almost tripled the sentence to 23 months in prison.[5]

Green is the focus of the 2011 TV3 documentary Inside New Zealand: High Time?, directed by Arik Reiss, and also features in the 2015 New Zealand documentary Druglawed.[citation needed]

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