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Dawlatzai (Pashto: دولتزی ‎) is a Pashtun sub-tribe of the Tanoli tribe mainly found in eastern Afghanistan. There are many different and distinct tribes that have this name. Dawlatzis live in Logar, Samangan, Paktia, Paktika, Khost, Baghlan, Nangarhar, Balkh Tajurghan, and Faryab provinces of Afghanistan.[citation needed]

Also called 'dalawzi' or 'dalawtzi'. When few Afghani settled in places of India after the separation of IndoPak due to national outrage of communal riots, the Afghani traders found places to stay. It was not only their strong authoritarianism and masculine built but also their honesty and rightiousness that made people accept them as leaders among the societies.[citation needed]

There are almost no traces of Dalawzi Family in India. Still there's one family of 30 family members living in Bhadrak in the state of odisha, India. After the head of the family, Lt. Yusuf Khan now his wife Bibi Bilquesh heads the family and lives in prosperity with her younger son Baaz Mohd. Khan, her daughter in-law Gulandam Khan and their baby girl Amyra Dalawzi.[citation needed]