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This is a Korean name; the family name is Eun.
Eun Ji-won
Eun Ji Won (in 2010).jpg
Background information
Also known as G1, G (지), Eun Choding (은초딩)
Born (1978-06-08) June 8, 1978 (age 38)
Origin South Korea
Genres K-pop, hip-hop, R&B, rap
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 1997–2000, 2016- (group member)
2000–present (soloist)
Labels Daesung Entertainment (1997-2000)
GYM Entertainment (Current)
YG Entertainment (Group)
Associated acts Sechs Kies, Movement, Clover, HOTSechgodRG
Eun Ji-won
Hangul 은지원
Hanja 殷志源
Revised Romanization Eun Ji-won
McCune–Reischauer Ŭn Chiwŏn

Eun Ji-won (born June 8, 1978[2]) is a South Korean rapper, host, dancer, composer and leader of the first generation idol group Sechs Kies (젝스키스). After the group's disbandment in 2000, Eun pursued a solo career in 2001 with his first single ("A-Ha") and has mainly focused on hip-hop ever since. In addition to his music career, he has appeared on hit shows, both on TV and web, like 2 Days & 1 Night, Reply 1997 and New Journey to the West.

On April 14 2016, Sechs Kies held a reunion concert for fans 16 years after their disbandment through the popular programme Infinite Challenge. They have since returned to promote as a group and have signed a contract with renowned label YG Entertainment.

Early life[edit]

Eun studied in Seoul Yeouido Elementary School (서울 여의도 초등학교) and Yoon Joong Junior High School (윤중 중학교). After moving to the United States, he attended Hawaiian Mission Academy, from Grade 9 to 12. He was schoolmates with fellow Sechs Kies member, Kang Sung-hoon.[3] When he came back to South Korea, he continued his studies in Korea Kent Foreign School.

His granduncle is former South Korean president Park Chung-hee; his aunt from his father's side of the family is South Korean President Park Geun-hye, the daughter of the late President Park.[4] His mother used to be part of a girl group called, "Lily Sisters".

Eun Ji-won's nickname in Sechs Kies was "Soy Sauce" (깜시) because of his dark skin. "Eun Choding" ("Kid Eun") was a later nickname on the reality-variety show Happy Sunday: 1 Night 2 Days because of his boyish behavior.


1997–2000: Sechs Kies[edit]

Main article: Sechs Kies

Eun Ji-won and Kang Sung-hoon were discovered by a Daesung Entertainment's president, Lee Ho Yeon, who was vacationing in Hawaii. Lee formed a six-member group in which Eun became the leader, main rapper and sub-vocalist.

The group debuted in 1997, and disbanded in 2000. Eun described his time with Sechs Kies as hectic, recalling that members would retreat to their parents' homes to avoid the demanding schedule.[5] He said the group's record label planned many of their media appearances without consulting the members. During this time, the group's popularity rivaled that of H.O.T.

On May 18, 2000 Sechs Kies announced their departure from the K-pop scene at a press conference, where a few members were tearful. Lee Jae-jin later said that the group originally intended to leave their record label without disbanding. After the press conference a last music video, "Thanks", was released after their final concert. He said he had not seen bandmate Ko Ji-Yong for seven years; Ko moved to the United States to study, and has not returned.[6]

Although Sechs Kies disbanded in 2000, in 2002 Eun performed with former member Kang Sung-hoon and J-Walk's Kim Jae-duc and Jang Su-won. In 2007, he performed with J-Walk on a number of music shows, including KBS' Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter (where they performed the Sechs Kies song, "Couple") and Music Bank (performing Eun's "Adios" and J-Walk's "Light Storm"). Eun and J-Walk performed "Couple" at Lee Soo-geun's wedding on March 2, 2008. Eun was featured on the third J-Walk album's title track, "My Love" and in its music video.

Solo career[edit]

2000 - 2004: Solo Debut & Breakthrough[edit]

After Sechs Kies disbanded Eun began his solo career in 2000 with an EP including "A-Ha" on October 27, 2000. He wrote all the songs on his first solo album, G Pop, which was released on March 29, 2001. After his successful first album, Eun refined his style and experimented with his music on his second album, Heavy G.

Eun's third album, Drunk on Hip Hop (with the single "Drunk on Melody"), was released on September 5, 2005.[7] He later reissued his third album, including a "winter version" of "Mikasaro" and "Never Ever" from his first solo album. "Drunk on Melody" won Eun the Hip Hop Award at the 2003 SBS Gayo Awards and the KMTV Korean Music Awards. He has performed the song twice on stage with Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger on KBS' Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter.

2004 - 2006: Screen debut & Hip-Hop Crew[edit]

Eun starred in the romantic comedy Marrying a High-School Girl (여고생 시집가기) with Lim Eun-kyung by first-time director Oh Deok-hwan, which was released on December 23, 2004. He played Park Ondal, a transfer student to the school attended by Pyung-gang (Lim). The film was about a high school girl who must marry a boy named "Ondal" before her sixteenth birthday, and have a baby within a year; otherwise, she would die.

Eun went on hiatus from the industry in mid-2006, but appeared once again when The Movement (무브먼트) (a group of rappers and hip-hop artists throughout Korea) staged a concert on May 13, 2006. Many Movement artists have been featured on Eun's albums including Drunken Tiger, Tasha (Yoon Mi Rae), Dynamic Duo and Bobby Kim.

2007–2010: Return after two-year hiatus & GYM Entertainment[edit]

Eun returned with a single, "Adios", after a hiatus from the music industry; his album Love, Death, Introspection (사랑 死랑 思랑) was released on October 30, 2007 with four new tracks and an instrumental version of "Adios". Mr. Tyfoon, Baek Ji-young and Sat Byul (샛별) were featured on the album. "Adios", a Latin hip-hop song, was composed by Keeproots with lyrics by Mr. Tyfoon. Tiger JK from Drunken Tiger, Mr. Tyfoon and Eun produced the album.[8][9] Eun is part of 13 Creative Unit, a subsidiary of Eyagi Entertainment (which also produces singer Hwang Bo and actress Park Si Yeon).

In mid-2007, Eun appeared on the KBS reality-variety show Happy Sunday: 1 Night 2 Days. He replaced Kim Jong Min (who left for military service) on MBC's Come To Play (놀러와). Eun was a cast member of SBS' Burst! Mental Concentration (작렬! 정신통일) before the show's cancellation in September 2007.

For his fifth album, Eun selected 20 of over 100 songs. In 2007, he performed at the DKNY Party. Eun appeared on Starship Entertainment label-mate Moon Ji-eun's debut EP (released on April 10, 2008), rapping on "Fox" and appearing in its music video after Moon appeared in Eun's 2003 music video for "Suddenly" (문득).[10] In June 2008, Eun collaborated with J-Walk (Kim Jae-duc and Jang Su-won, formerly of Sechskies) on a song for J-Walk's album, "My Love". Later that year Eun released G Code; its single was "Dangerous", a sample of Kardinal Offishall featuring Akon's version of "Dangerous".

In early 2009 Eun left CH Entertainment and started his own company, GYM Entertainment. The first artist to be released in his company was singer-rapper Gilme; Eun appeared on Gilme's debut song, "Love Cuts", and has performed the song on stage with her.

After a year's hiatus from the music scene Eun released his fifth full-length studio album, Platonic. The lead track, "Siren", is an electronic dance song with hip-hop rhythms. Eun collaborated with Mr. Tyfoon, Gilme and 2 Days & 1 Night member Lee Su-geun on the album. The album was jointly released by GYM Entertainment and Starship Entertainment.

2011 - 2014: Clover & HotSechgodRG project[edit]

On March 31, 2011 Eun, Gilme and Mr. Tyfoon formed Clover, which showcased their similar musical styles. They performed "La Vida Loca", from their mini-album Classic Over, on a number of musical shows.[11]

On April 9, 2013, Chun Myung Hoon, Tony An, Moon Hee Jun, Eun Ji Won, and Danny Ahn appeared at the new show on QTV, 'Handsome Boys of the 20th Century'.

'Handsome Boys of the 20th Century' was started when Moon Hee Jun invited five 1st generation idols to discuss things they couldn't in the past. He presented the idea that they would reflect on their idol days and where they are now. The show, starring H.O.T.'s Moon Hee Jun and Tony An, NRG's Chun Myung Hoon, Sechs Kies's Eun Ji Won, and g.o.d's Danny Ahn, thus naming themselves HotSechGodRG — a combination of each member's previous idol group names.

These particular members have been appearing on many entertainment programs both mainstream and cable, such as “Immortal Songs 2”, “Happy Together” and “20th Century Pretty Boys” etc.

The group continued to garner much praise in the later half of 2013 and announced that they were preparing for a Christmas concert (Legend Back). Unfortunately, Tony encountered some legal trouble and had to withdraw from the group and the public eye. The concert was canceled as they felt they couldn’t go on without Tony.

In early 2014, things grew quiet for the team, but in May, it was announced that HOTSechgodRG would return for a new show in July.

Personal life[edit]

2010: Marriage[edit]

In February 2010 Eun announced that he would marry his first love, a woman three years his senior. They knew each other since 1994 in Hawaii, but broke up later when Eun returned to South Korea as leader of Sechs Kies.[12] Eun and Lee Sooyeon were reunited 13 years later, and had a steady relationship since then. Eun's fiancée is sister-in-law by marriage to soccer player Lee Dong-Gook. A representative of GYM Entertainment said that Eun and Lee were looking for a wedding hall in Hawaii; although they had not yet set a wedding date, they hoped to marry in April.[13][14]

On April 7 Eun left for Hawaii to prepare for the wedding ceremony,[15] scheduled for April 20.[16] The couple cut short their honeymoon because Eun had to return to South Korea. A small party was planned during the filming of 1 Night 2 Days on April 23 for his marriage; however, due to the ROKS Cheonan sinking episodes that were to be aired during April (when the cast traveled along Korea's coastline) were postponed or canceled. This allowed Eun to extend his honeymoon.[17]

Although filming for 1 Night 2 Days was postponed, Eun and his parents returned to South Korea on April 22[18] and he was interviewed on SBS's One Night’s TV Entertainment; he said it was like filming a commercial with his wife.[19] The couple's new home was in Yeouido. On April 29 the first photo of the wedding ceremony was leaked to the public, in which the couple is walking down the aisle with family and friends congratulating them.[20]

2013: Divorce announcement[edit]

On February 28, 2013, Eun announced that he and his wife divorced in August 2012. A statement from his management said, "Eun Ji Won wed his wife Ms. Lee Sooyeon in April 2010, but the two decided to part ways in August 2012. They decided to go their separate ways so that they could lead new lives following difficulties in getting along due to differences in personality".[21]


Eun is the only member of Sechs Kies to face criticism since the group disbanded for changing musical genres from pop music to hip hop and rap. Former boy band member Moon Hee Jun of H.O.T also changed genres, becoming a rock instead of a pop singer after going solo (Sechs Kies was a musical rival of H.O.T.).[22][23]


Sechs Kies discography[edit]

Solo discography[edit]

Clover discography[edit]

  • 2011: Classic Over
  • 2011: Knowing My Brother (아는 오빠)
  • 2012: Pork Soup (돼지 국밥)


Music Videos[edit]

Sechskies career[edit]

Year Title
1997 School Byeolgok (학원별곡)
1997 The Way This Guy Lives (사나이 가는 길/폼생폼사)
1997 For you
1998 Road Fighter
1998 Reckless Love (무모한 사랑)
1998 Letting You Go (너를 보내며)
1998 Couple (커플)
1998 Prayer (기도)
1999 Hunch (예감)
1999 Summer in love
2000 Thanks

Solo career[edit]

Year Title Starring
2001 MurMur (내게 오는 길)
2003 Drunken in Melody (만취 In Melody)
2005 All Famy/Owl (올빼미)
2005 Love Theory
2007 Adios Mr.Tyfoon
2008 Dangerous
2009 Siren Mr.Tyfoon
2010 While Buzzed (술김에)
2015 What U Are Gilme
2015 Trauma (트라우마) Kim Hee-jung

Clover career[edit]

Year Title
2011 La Vida Loca
2011 A Guy I know (아는 오빠)

HotSechgodRG career[edit]

Year Title
2013 May i love you / i can do it (할수있어)

Featurings MV[edit]

Year Title Singer
2008 Fox Moon Ji Eun
2008 My Love J-Walk
2008 Blazing Sun (불타는 태양) Mr. Typhoon
2008 Let's Go As Far As We Can ( 갈때까지 가보자) Lee Soo-geun
2009 Love Cuts (러브 컷츠) Gilme
2009 Beautiful Lady ICON
2010 Present (선물) K.Will


Year Title Role
1998 Seventeen Kim Joon Tae
2004 Marrying a High-School Girl Park Ondal
2009 The Missing Lynx Lynx (dubbing)


Year Network Title Character Notes
2001 MBC Nonstop Eun Ji Won Special Guest
2002 MBC Nonstop Eun Ji Won Special Guest
2003 MBC Nonstop Eun Ji Won Special Guest
2007 MBC New Heart Eun Ji Won Cameo
2012 tvN Reply 1997 Do Hak Chan
2013 tvN Reply 1994 Do Hak Chan Cameo


Year Network Show Partner Host
2000 SBS SBS Inkigayo Huh E-jae
2009 MBC Lord of the Rings (반지의 제왕) Lee Soo-geun, Marco
2010 KBS Idol League Moon Hee-joon
2013 Qtv Handsome Boy Radio - EunHee Clinic Moon Hee-joon
2013 KBS 미녀와야수 beauty and the best' Lee Soo-geun, Jo Kwon
2013–2014 KBS Immortal Songs 2 Moon Hee-joon
2013–2015 KBS Vitamin Lee Hwi-jae, Park Eun Young
2014 JTBC Same Age Moon Hee-joon, Kim Gura, Brian Joo

Variety Shows[edit]

Year Network Title
2003 MBC 패러디극장 옥탑방 구렁이
2006 SBS Truth & False (있다! 없다?)
2007 - 2012 KBS 1 Night 2 Days
2007 SBS Jiwhaza (작렬! 정신통일)
2007 KBS Are You Ready? (해피선데이: 준비됐어요)
2009 SBS Intimate Note Season 2 (절친노트 2)
2009 MBC School Mobile World Card (스쿨 문자지존)
2010 KBS Star Golden Bell season 2
2011 KBS Oh!My School (100 out of 100 points) - Episode 9, 10
2011 KBS Secret - Episode 6
2011 MBC Star King
2012-2013 tvN Three Idiots
2012 MBC I Live Alone - Episode 25
2012 Mnet Show Me The Money
2012 JTBC High Society
2013 SBS Running Man - Episode 141
2013 Qtv 20th Century Handsome Boys
2013 SBS Barefooted Friends
2013 MBC Star Gazing
2013 SBS Thank you
2013 - 2014 tvN The Genius 2
2014 KBS 1 Night 2 Days Season 3 Episode 24
2014 KBS Family Dignity House - Episode 48, 69
2014 SBS Running Man - Episode 209
2014 KBS Million Seller
2014 MBC World Changing Quiz Show
2014 OnStyle Where Is My Super Hero
2014 SBS Magic Eye
2014 tvN First Day of Work
2015 - 2016 tvN New Journey to the West
2015 MBC Infinite Challenge - Episode 448, 449, 450, 451
2015 JTBC Off to School - Episode 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43
2015 SBS Law of the Jungle - Episode 163, 164, 165, 166, 167, 168, 169, 170
2015 KBS The Human Condition
2015 MBC People of Full Capacity
2015 JTBC Mari And I
2016 JTBC Knowing Bros - Episode 18
2016 MBC Infinite Challenge - Episode 476, 477, 478
2016 MBC Radio Star - Episode 480
2016 KBS You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook - Episode 323
2016 SBS Fantastic Duo - Episode 9, 10
2016 JTBC Strong Man
2016 TRENDY Plan Man
2016 SBS Flower Crew
2016 KBS Gura Cha Cha Time Slip


Year Company Name Brand Name Item Co-star
1998 Mr Hammer Snack Food Sechs Kies
2008 Nepa Nepa Clothing MC Mong
2008 BHC BHC Chiken Food MC Mong
2008 Noonnoppi Noonnoppi Education
2008 New Era Snap Back Hat Hat
2009 Home Plus Mall Mall MC Mong, Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Lee Seung-gi, Kim C
2009 Villain Clothing Pants
2011–present KRT Travel Agency Travel Agency
2016 GS25 Retail Retail

Radio career[edit]

Eun was the first DJ on MBC FM4U (친한 친구), from 2002 to 2003.



Year Awards
  • Golden Disk Awards, Bonsang Award
  • KMTV Korean Music Awards, Bonsang Award
  • The 9th Annual Seoul Music Awards, Daesang Award
  • KBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award
  • MBC Music Festival, Bonsang Award
  • SBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award
  • Golden Disk Awards, Bonsang Award
  • KMTV Korean Music Awards, Bonsang Award
  • MBC Music Festival, Bonsang Award
  • KBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award
  • SBS Music Awards, Bonsang Award


Year Awards
  • SBS Netizen Popularity Award, 1st Place (July)
  • KMTV Korean Music Awards, Hip Hop Award
  • SBS Gayo Awards, Hip Hop Award


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