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Flying Junior
Class symbol
Flying Juniors WC 2007.JPG
Int. FJ's, Worlds 2007, San Francisco Bay +
Hull weight210 lb (95 kg)
LOA13 ft 3 in (4.04 m)[1]
Beam4 ft 11 in (1.50 m)[1]
Mast length20 ft (6.1 m)[1]
Spinnaker area80 sq ft (7.4 m2)[1]
Upwind sail area100 sq ft (9.3 m2)[1]
Coen Gulcher helming one of the first Flying Juniors (1955)

The International Flying Junior or FJ is a sailing dinghy which was originally designed in 1955 in the Netherlands by renowned boat designer Van Essen and Olympic sailor Conrad Gülcher. The FJ was built to serve as a training boat for the then Olympic-class Flying Dutchman. The FJ has a beam of 4'11" and an overall sail area of 100 square feet (9.3 m2). These dimensions make the FJ an ideal class to teach young sailors the skills of boat handling and racing.

World Champions 2007, San Francisco Bay, Peter Wanders / Gisa Wortberg, GER 361

In 1960 the Flying Junior formed its own class organization and by the early 1970s the Flying Junior was accorded the status of an International Class by the International Yacht Racing Union, the precursor to the International Sailing Federation. This status indicates that the class applies to strongly restricted class rules and holds regularly scheduled international regattas.

All documents about the history of the International FJ (Flying Junior) accessed in the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam.

Today the FJ is sailed in Japan, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia, and the United States. In the US, many high school sailing and Intercollegiate Sailing Association programs own fleets of FJs. The college and high school programs in the US use a version of the FJ known as the Club FJ, or CFJ. This boat is slightly different from the International FJ in that it does not use Trapeze and it has a smaller, non-spherical Spinnaker, may have different hull dimensions, and shroud and forestay locations, with respect to the International FJ.

Limitations to the equipment series for an FJ are: 1 mainsail, 2 jibs, 1 spinnaker (optional), 1 mast, 1 boom, 2 spinnaker poles, 1 centerboard and 1 rudder.

World Champions International FJ-Class (Flying Junior)[edit]

Year place Helmsman Crew Nationality
1963 Italy - San Remo Duuk Dudok van Heel Cocky v.d. Berg  Netherlands
1965 Sweden - Saltsjöbaden Duuk Dudok van Heel Joan v. Ogtrop  Netherlands
1967 Canada - Montreal Duuk Dudok van Heel Marleen van Duyl  Netherlands
1969 Netherlands - Muiden Duuk Dudok van Heel Gerrie Keersbergen  Netherlands
1971 USA - Lake Tahoe Steve Lewis Randy Lewis  United States
1973 Belgium - Nieuport Bertocchi Apostoli  Italy
1975 Italy - Venezia De Martis Stanniero  Italy
1977 England - Whitstable G. Noe S. Noe  Italy
1979 USA - Richmond Steve Klotz Steve Brillant  United States
1981 Netherlands - Muiden Steve Klotz Steve Brillant  United States
1983 Italy - Castiglione della Pescaia Steve Klotz Steve Brillant  United States
1985 Belgium - Blankenberge Thierry Den Hartigh Peter Laureysens  Belgium
1987 Japan - Sakaiminato Takayuki Shimadzu Kouichi Hasegawa  Japan
1989 Netherlands Medemblick Jan Bultman Willy Bosveld  Netherlands
1991 Italy - Senigallia Hans Cox Alexander Cox  Netherlands
1993 Japan - Inage Katsuya Takagi Keiichi Asari  Japan
1995 Germany - Stralsund Hans Cox Robert Jan Cox  Netherlands
1997 USA - San Francisco Hans Cox Robert Jan Cox  Netherlands
1999 Italy - Porto San Giorgio Peter Wanders Susanne Wanders  Germany
2001 Japan - Atsumi Kenta Shingo Satochi Komura  Japan
2003 Netherlands - Muiden Hiromi Saitou Hikaru Dewa  Japan
2005 Germany - Lake Duemmer Peter Wanders Gisa Wortberg  Germany
2007 USA - San Francisco Peter Wanders Gisa Wortberg  Germany
2009 Italy - Lovere Haruka Shimodaira Takumi Ichigawa  Japan
2011 Belgium - Nieuwpoort Rolf de Jong Esther Pothuis  Netherlands
2013 Germany - Lake Duemmer Guido Sol Kristina Gründken  Netherlands
2015 Japan - Hayama Enishi Naka Terutaka Tada  Japan
2017 Slovenia - Portorož Rolf de Jong Esther de Jong  Netherlands
2019 Italy - Porto San Giorgio Guido Sol Hugo de Jong  Netherlands


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