Gun laws in the United States Virgin Islands

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Location of the U.S. Virgin Islands in relation to the continental United States

In the United States Virgin Islands, law regulates the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition. As the U.S. Virgin Islands are an unincorporated territory of the United States, many U.S. federal laws apply, as well as Constitutional rulings and protections.[1][2]

Summary table[edit]

Subject/Law Long guns Handguns Relevant statutes Notes
Permit required to purchase? Yes Yes A license is required to purchase any firearm or ammunition.
Firearm registration? Yes Yes All firearms must be registered with the Virgin Islands Police Department.
Assault weapon law? Yes Yes Assault weapons and .50 BMG rifles prohibited.
Magazine capacity restriction? Yes Yes
License required for concealed carry? N/A Yes The territory currently has a "may issue" policy for concealed carry permits. To obtain one, the applicant must meet a stringent set of requirements, so few people receive permits.
Open carry allowed? No No Open carry is prohibited.
NFA weapons restricted? Yes Yes Automatic firearms and short barreled shotguns are prohibited.
Peaceable journey laws? No No Federal law (FOPA) applies.

Licensing process[edit]

The U.S. Virgin Islands have a stringent and restrictive licensing process to purchase or carry a firearm. A person must be 21 to get a non-carry weapons license, along with several other requirements. Applicants must pay $75 licensing fee, submit a signed application, be fingerprinted and photographed, and be of good moral character. That process is just for a permit to purchase firearms to store in a residence or business, and not for a concealed carry permit.[3] There are six types of licenses:

  • Blue, Business Protection
  • Yellow, Home protection and handguns only
  • Gray, farming and long guns only
  • White, all active law enforcement
  • Pink, current and retired law enforcement, personal protection, and special circumstances
  • Green, target shooting, sports use and home protection

To qualify, the applicant must belong to a gun club.[4] To acquire a concealed carry permit, or "Pink" permit, a person must meet a specific set of criteria. To apply, the applicant must either be a government employee, valuable goods carrier, firearms manufacturer, or be a bona fide resident or business person of the islands. The applicant must prove a good reason to fear death or great injury to person or property and present at least two affidavits from credible persons who attest to that need.[5] Due to this process, in most cases concealed carry permit applications are denied for normal resident applicants unless in grave circumstances.


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