List of minor characters in 24

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The following is a list of recurring and minor fictional characters from the American television drama 24. The following events are fictional and portrayed from both an in-universe and out of universe perspective. Furthermore, this list contains minor characters whose story arcs lasted anywhere from one or two episodes to two or three seasons. The list is sorted by when the character made their first appearance on the series, however many have appeared in subsequent seasons.[citation needed]

Season 6[edit]

The following minor character is from 24: Season 6.

  • Darren McCarthy (played by David Hunt[1]) is a wealthy British businessman who sells Fayed the suitcase nukes. After the first programmer dies from a blast in Valencia, he kidnaps Morris O'Brian with the help of his girlfriend Rita, who later kills McCarthy, in front of Morris, by shooting him in the chest with his own gun.[citation needed] Originally, Darren McCarthy was to be played by Eddie Izzard, who had to drop out after the first day of filming, because of scheduling conflicts.[1][full citation needed]


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