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Operating system iOS
Type Software update/Installer
License MIT
Website [1]

Icy was a package installer/manager for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch, originally created and maintained by Ripdev, which allowed users to browse and download applications from a range of sources. Most applications were available to download for free, with some requiring purchase after downloading, including other software created by Ripdev, such as Kate. The applications were downloaded directly to iPhone or iPod Touch and are generally located in the /Applications/ directory, in the same place where "Apple native" applications are located.

The Icy Project was closed on October 24, 2009, and the source code was released under the MIT License.[1] Icy Installer was then taken over by two development teams, WeAmDev and Infini-Dev.

Icy by RipDev[edit]

Icy was intended as an alternative to Cydia as a source of unofficial applications, since development on Installer.app (created by Nullriver) was discontinued. The purpose of developing Icy was to create a package manager that used APT which is the same method used by Cydia, therefore making Icy compatible with Cydia sources, that was faster and more lightweight than Cydia.[2] [3]

Icy by WeAmDev[edit]

The Icy Project was picked up by WeAmDev and has been actively being updated. The latest version is the beta 2.3, which has support for iOS 7.

Icy by Infini Dev[edit]

A group called Infini Dev has also taken up the project of reviving Icy. They claim to have created this version from RipDev's source code and called their Icy version 1.5.1. With the help of Guillermo Moran @fr0st, Icy 1.4.7 added support to the iPad, but he has long been away from the team and has been active on WeAmDev. The development members are @SamGuichelaar (Sam Guichelaar) and @codedit. Icy development has been halted in early 2014. It does not support iOS 8.

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