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In Rock World Tour
Tour by Deep Purple
Associated albumIn Rock
Start date4 July 1970
End date24 October 1971
No. of shows157 (168 scheduled)
Deep Purple concert chronology

The In Rock World Tour was a successful worldwide concert tour by British hard rock group Deep Purple. The tour began in July 1970, after the release of their album In Rock, and lasted 15 months, until September 1971. The band visited 3 continents (Europe, North America and Australia), with dates in the UK, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Iceland, Luxembourg, Canada, USA and Australia.[1]


In July 1970, Deep Purple's MKII released In Rock. The album became a worldwide hit, with hits like "Black Night", "Into the Fire", "Speed King" and "Child in Time". It was the band's first hard rock album. In Rock put the band into the list of pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal, alongside Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The album sold several million copies worldwide. Increasing popularity and commercial success resulted in a worldwide tour, including an Australian leg, as In Rock charted at number one there.

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
4 July 1970 Bedford England Bedford Town Football Ground
5 July 1970 London Lyceum Ballroom
10 July 1970 Aachen Germany Reiterstadion
12 July 1970 Munich Eissportstadion
31 July 1970 Newcastle England Mayfair Ballroom
1 August 1970 France Château de Saint-Pons
8 August 1970 Saint Raphael Stade Municipal
9 August 1970 Plumpton United Kingdom National Jazz & Blues Festival
North America
15 August 1970 Greeley United States The Greeley Stampede Rodeo Arena
22 August 1970 Salt Lake City Terrace Ballroom
25 August 1970 Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl
28 August 1970 San Antonio Jam Factory
29 August 1970 Albuquerque Albuquerque Civic Auditorium
30 August 1970 Pasadena Pasadena Civic Auditorium
Europe Leg 2
6 September 1970 Arras France
25 September 1970 Romford England Romford Odeon
2 October 1970 Cardiff Wales UWIST
3 October 1970 Southampton England University of Southampton
4 October 1970 Lausanne Switzerland Pop Festival Symbad
6 October 1970 Leeds England University of Leeds Refectory
10 October 1970 Sheffield University of Sheffield
12 October 1970 Edinburgh Scotland Tiffanys
13 October 1970 Glasgow Electric Garden
14 October 1970 Aberdeen Music Hall Aberdeen
15 October 1970 Dundee Caird Hall
16 October 1970 Sunderland England Top Rank
17 October 1970 Manchester University of Manchester
21 October 1970 Swansea Wales Top Rank Suite
25 October 1970 Lyon France Theatre du Huitieme
26 October 1970 Chambéry Maison de la Culture
27 October 1970 Sochaux Maison des Arts
28 October 1970 Mulhouse Maison de la Culture
30 October 1970 Le Havre Maison de la Culture
31 October 1970 Dourges Club Piblokto
1 November 1970 Paris Olympia
2 November 1970 Elbeuf Cinema-Theatre
3 November 1970 Brest Cinema Le Celtic
6 November 1970 Bournemouth England Bournemouth Winter Gardens
7 November 1970 Margate Dreamland Margate
11 November 1970 Oslo Norway Njårdhallen
12 November 1970 Stockholm Sweden Konserthus
14 November 1970 Copenhagen Denmark K.B. Hallen
15 November 1970 Gothenburg Sweden Konserthuset
16 November 1970 Odense Denmark Fyns Forum
18 November 1970 Liverpool England St. George's Hall
19 November 1970 Manchester Belle Vue
20 November 1970 Hull University of Hull
21 November 1970 London University College London
22 November 1970 Croydon Fairfield Halls
23 November 1970 Wolverhampton Wolverhampton Civic Hall
24 November 1970 Bradford Saint George's Hall
27 November 1970 Offenbach am Main Germany Stadthalle Offenbach
28 November 1970 Heidelberg Neue Universitat
29 November 1970 Düsseldorf Rheinhalle
30 November 1970 Duisburg Mercatorhalle
1 December 1970 Hanover Messehalle
2 December 1970 Hamburg Planten un Blomen Halle
3 December 1970
4 December 1970 Münster Halle Münsterland
5 December 1970 Munich Circus Krone-Bau
6 December 1970 Saarbrücken Saarlandhalle
7 December 1970 Nuremberg Meistersingerhalle
8 December 1970 Lüdenscheid Schützenhalle
9 December 1970 Wuppertal Stadthalle
11 December 1970 Würzburg Huttenhalle
12 December 1970 Stuttgart Sporthalle
17 December 1970 Brighton England Brighton Dome
19 December 1970 London Dagenham Roundhouse
1 January 1971 Rotterdam Netherlands De Doelen
2 January 1971 Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre
29 January 1971 Leeds England Leeds Town Hall
30 January 1971 Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
1 February 1971 London Royal Albert Hall
5 February 1971 Kingston upon Hull ABC Cinema
6 February 1971 Sheffield Sheffield City Hall
7 February 1971 Bournemouth Winter Gardens
8 February 1971 Southampton Southampton Guildhall
9 February 1971 Portsmouth Portsmouth Guildhall
12 February 1971 Birmingham Birmingham Town Hall
13 February 1971 Bristol Colston Hall
14 February 1971 Plymouth ABC Cinema
19 February 1971 Manchester Kings Hall
20 February 1971 Newcastle Newcastle City Hall
21 February 1971 Coventry Coventry Theatre
22 February 1971 Purley The Orchid
25 February 1971 Leicester De Montfort Hall
27 February 1971 Brighton Big Apple
5 March 1971 Glasgow Scotland Greens Playhouse
6 March 1971 Edinburgh Empire Theatre
7 March 1971 Dundee Caird Hall
8 March 1971 Aberdeen Aberdeen Music Hall
7 April 1971 Oldenburg Germany Weser-Ems Halle
8 April 1971 Essen Grugahalle
10 April 1971 Offenbach am Main Stadthalle Offenbach
11 April 1971 Hamburg Planten un Blomen Halle
16 April 1971 Montreux Switzerland Montreux Casino
17 April 1971
19 April 1971 Brussels Belgium Palais des Beaux-Arts
21 April 1971 Stockholm Sweden Konserthus
22 April 1971
23 April 1971 Copenhagen Denmark KB Hallen
24 April 1971 Aarhus Vejlby-Risskov Hallen
25 April 1971 Aalborg Aalborghallen
26 April 1971 Oslo Norway Njårdhallen
28 April 1971 London England Roundhouse
6 May 1971 Perth Australia Beatty Park Aquatic Centre
7 May 1971 Melbourne Festival Hall
8 May 1971 Adelaide Apollo Stadium
9 May 1971 Sydney Randwick Racecourse
10 May 1971 Brisbane Brisbane Festival Hall
Europe Leg 3
21 May 1971 Berlin Germany Deutschlandhalle
25 May 1971
(2 shows
– 2 pm & 9.30 pm)
Rome Italy PalaEUR (or Palazzo dello Sport)
27 May 1971 Bologna Palasport
Two shows
29 May 1971 Zürich Switzerland Eishalle Pop-Monster 1971
6 June 1971 Luxembourg Luxembourg Football Stadium "Union"
18 June 1971 Reykjavík Iceland Laugardalshöll
24 June 1971 Birmingham England Kinetic Circus
25 June 1971 Newcastle Mayfair Ballroom
North America Leg 2
2 July 1971 Toronto Canada St. Lawrence Market
3 July 1971 Buffalo United States Gilligan's
4 July 1971 Memphis Overton Park
6 July 1971 Hamilton Canada Hamilton Forum
7 July 1971 London Wonderland Gardens
8 July 1971 New York City United States Philharmonic Hall
9 July 1971 Philadelphia Spectrum
10 July 1971 Cleveland Cleveland Public Hall
11 July 1971 Minneapolis Minneapolis Auditorium
14 July 1971 Milwaukee Milwaukee Auditorium
16 July 1971 Pittsburgh Syria Mosque
17 July 1971 Trotwood Hara Arena
18 July 1971 Toledo Toledo Sports Arena
20 July 1971 Chicago Auditorium Theater
21 July 1971
23 July 1971 Dania Pirates World
24 July 1971 Orlando Orlando Sports Stadium
25 July 1971 New Orleans The Warehouse
27 July 1971 San Antonio San Antonio Municipal Auditorium
28 July 1971 Houston Sam Houston Coliseum
29 July 1971 Wichita Sgt. Pepper's
30 July 1971 Long Beach Long Beach Arena
31 July 1971 Salt Lake City Terrace Ballroom
Europe Leg 4
1 September 1971 Berlin Germany Messehalle
4 September 1971 Vienna Austria Stadthalle
5 September 1971 Speyer Germany Stadthalle
13 September 1971 Portsmouth England Portsmouth Guildhall
19 September 1971 Leicester De Montford Hall
22 September 1971 Manchester Free Trade Hall
23 September 1971 Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
24 September 1971 Glasgow Scotland Greens Playhouse
25 September 1971 Edinburgh Empire Theatre
26 September 1971 Newcastle England Newcastle City Hall
29 September 1971 Bournemouth Winter Gardens
30 September 1971 Bristol Colston Hall
4 October 1971 London Royal Albert Hall
5 October 1971 Sheffield Sheffield City Hall
10 October 1971 Coventry Coventry Theatre
11 October 1971 Southampton Southampton Guildhall
North America Leg 3
22 October 1971 New York City United States Felt Forum
23 October 1971 Williamsburg William and Mary Hall
24 October 1971 Chicago Auditorium Theater


  1. "Speed King"
  2. "Hush"
  3. "Into The Fire"
  4. "Child in Time"
  5. "Living Wreck" (occasionally)
  6. "Wring That Neck" (Instrumental)~Brubeck's Unsquare Dance~Bach's Violin Partita no.3 in E Major~Bach's Gavotte en Rondeau~Grieg's Morning Mood~Greensleeves instrumental (composed by Henry VIII)~White Christmas instrumental
  7. "Mandrake Root"~The Mule riff~You Really Got Me (The Kinks)
  8. "Paint It Black" (Instrumental only)
  9. "Drum solo"


  1. "Black Night"
  2. "Lucille" (Little Richard)

Tour diary & notable live dates[edit]

Deep Purple kicked off the tour at the Bedford Town football ground in Bedford, UK, and soon visited German stadiums.

MK II's first USA leg followed, Purples headlined "National Pop&Blues festival". 25 August, Deep Purple made the USA premiere of Concerto for Group and Orchestra with Los Angeles Philharmonic, at Los Angeles's Hollywood Bowl, in front of 15,000 people.[3] setlist for the show was:

  • First set (without Orchestra)
  1. Speed King
  2. Hush
  3. Wring That Neck
  4. Mandrake Root
  5. Child in Time
  6. Black Night
  • Second set – Concerto For Group And Orchestra (edited):
  1. First Movement – Allegro moderato
  2. Second Movement – Andante
  3. Third Movement – Vivace presto

They returned to Europe in August, and played their first full tour of France, including one show in Paris's legendary Olympia hall.

Scandinavia saw Purple shows after French Tour, Live album was recorded at K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen. This was the first rock live for Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich. Ulrich remembers the show as one of the greatest live he has ever seen, and says that this show, and Ian Paice's drumming influenced him to become a rock-drummer. Lars: "That was the famous gig where in a newspaper article the day after everybody talked about Deep Purple, I remember they played a lot of new songs, I was all of nine years old".[4]

After many European dates, the band headed to their first Australian Tour. Deep Purple first visited Australia as part of an groundbreaking, sell-out package tour with Free and Manfred Mann, supported by local Santana-inspired Latin-rock band Pirana. The tour played four states in as many days, breaking all previous attendance records for rock shows in Australia. It was an influential tour for the local scene, giving Aussie audiences their first direct experience of the heavy-rock style being pioneered by bands such as the headliners, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Up to that time, fans had been reliant on records, and on cover versions performed by local bands like The Dave Miller Set.

The tour played to capacity crowds for one night each in Perth and Adelaide on 6 and 8 May respectively, followed by Sydney on 9 May with two nights in Melbourne at the Festival Hall on 7 and 9 May. The first Melbourne show on Friday 7 May ran overtime by more than two hours, finishing after 1.00am. Over 5000 fans were turned away, so a second show on the Sunday 9 May was hastily arranged for the benefit of fans who missed the first performance. According to GO-SET, Deep Purple's first Melbourne performance was troubled by equipment problems, as was Free's set at the Sydney concert.

Earlier on 9 May the four groups had played at a rapturously-received outdoor daytime performance at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, attended by over 30,000 people. Segments of the concert were filmed by the ABC's GTK, and the tour received extensive coverage in the GO-SET edition of 22 May, with reviews of both the Melbourne and Sydney shows by Ed Nimmervoll and David Elphick.[5]

(NB: Note that dates given on MILESAGO website are out of sequence and ten days later than what actually happened).

On 18 June band played their first gig in Iceland, Reykjavík at Laugardalls Hall.

Another massive North American leg followed, then Europe again and then back to USA, including one show at New York City's Felt Forum (nowadays known as The Theatre at Madison Square Garden). The 28 August 1970 show at the Jam Factory in San Antonio, Texas featured a guitar fill-in by Christopher Cross, ten years before his own rise to fame, after Blackmore had a bad reaction to a flu shot. The In Rock Tour ended in Chicago's Auditorium Theater.[1][2]

Live albums[edit]



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