Monito Island

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Monito from dive boat.jpg
Monito Island, Puerto Rico
Monito Island is located in Puerto Rico
Monito Island
Monito Island (Puerto Rico)
Coordinates 18°9′29″N 67°56′47″W / 18.15806°N 67.94639°W / 18.15806; -67.94639
Area .147 km2 (0.057 sq mi)
Highest elevation 65 m (213 ft)
United States
Commonwealth Puerto Rico
Municipality Mayagüez
Barrio Isla de Mona e Islote Monito
Population 0
Density 0 /km2 (0 /sq mi)
Additional information
Designated 1975
"Monito" redirects here. For the South American animal, see monito del monte.

Monito Island (‘Little Mona’) is an uninhabited island about 5 kilometers northwest of the much larger Mona Island. Monito is the masculine diminutive form of Mona in Spanish. It is one of three islands in the Mona Passage, and part of the Isla de Mona e Islote Monito barrio, a subdivision of the municipality of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. It is inaccessible by sea, barren, reaches 65 m (213 ft) in height, and measures 0.147 km² (0.0566 sq mi, or 36.25 acres) in area.



Coordinates: 18°09′30″N 67°56′48″W / 18.158208°N 67.94662°W / 18.158208; -67.94662