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Jansewa Ashram (Hindi: जनसेवा आश्रम, Urdu: جنسیوا آشرم‎) is a school in a small town called Bandanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Bandanpur is in Faizabad district 5 km (3.1 mi) from Gosaiganj, Uttar Pradesh. The founder of Jansewa Ashram was the late Shri Jayantiprasad Tiwari. He came to Ahmedabad in 1932 and worked with Mr Rustomji Cama but, while working in Ahmedabad, he had a vision of having a school in his village. Soon he decided to fulfil the dream and started the school by collecting donations from the rich people of Ahmedabad. It is almost 25 years after the death of the late Jayantiprasad. The school is working and furthering education. Jansewa Ashram has extensive property and children from each and every caste are studying in the school.Jayanti Prasad was the person who tooked Mahatma Gandhis Ashes along with Mr Rustomji Cama in Ahmedabad.