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Joshua "Josh" Holiday
Sea Patrol character
Et seapatrol.jpg
First appearance Welcome Aboard
Ep. 1.01 (Pilot), aired 5/7/2007
Last appearance Catch and Release
Ep. 3.01, aired 18/5/2009
Portrayed by David Lyons (actor)
Nickname(s) ET
Gender Male
Family Sisters (Amelia Flight, Clare Holiday)
Spouse(s) Nikki Caetano (Fiancé)
Rank Leading Seaman
Position Electronics Technician

Leading Seaman Joshua "Josh" Holiday was a fictional TV character on the show Sea Patrol. He is portrayed by David Lyons.


Personal life[edit]

ET (Electrical technician) at the end of Season 1 began a relationship with the Navigator, Nikki Caetano. As they are posted on the same boat they need to keep their relationship a secret because of the navy's non-fraternization rules.

In the second series, he doesn't know that the XO knows about Nikki and their secret love affair, and he is determained to continue the relationship with the Navigator. As of the first episode of the third season of Sea Patrol, he died during a diving expedition outside of the navy. This was later to be found to have been murder, as Campbell Fulton altered the oxygen supply on the dive equipment and killed all eight divers.

Before his death, ET proposed to his co-worker, Nikki Caetano, and she said yes.He also revealed to her that he was planning to leave the Navy to be with her


In Order of Precedence

Australian Defence Medal