Junud al-Sham

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Junud al-Sham
جنود الشام
Participant in the Syrian Civil War
Logo of Junud al-Sham
Logo of Junud al-Sham
Active 2012 – present
Ideology Sunni Islamism
Salafi movement
Groups Liwaa Usud al-Idlam Artillery and Infantry Battalion (former)[1]
Leaders Muslim Abu Walid al Shishani[2]
Area of operations Aleppo Governorate, Syria[3]
Latakia Governorate, Syria[4]
Size 30 (2016 estimate)[5]
Allies Ahrar al-Sham[4]
Al-Nusra Front[2]
Group of the One and Only[6]
Opponents Syrian Armed Forces
Syrian Resistance
National Defense Force
Battles and wars

Syrian Civil War

Junud al-Sham (Soldiers of the Levant) is a group of Chechen and Lebanese Sunni mujahideen that fight in the Syrian Civil War and are led by Muslim Abu Walid al Shishani.


By early 2016, Junud al-Sham had reportedly weakened significantly, with some sources claiming that it was reduced to merely 30 fighters due to financial difficulties.[5] Many of its members had reportedly left in order to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. In a video address, Muslim Shishani consequently reproached other insurgent groups in Syria for not providing assistance, which regional expert Joanna Paraszczuk described as a "rant".[5][8] In September 2016, Junud al-Sham travelled to Hama Governorate in order to fight in a local rebel offensive.[9] Later that year, there were reports according to which the group had dissolved, reportedly as result of clashes with Ahrar al-Sham,[10] with many of its Chechen fighters reportedly joining Ajnad al-Kavkaz.[11]

Despite these reports, however, other reports suggested remnants of Junud al-Sham were still active by 2018. In January 2018, pro-government media reported that "a military source in Damascus" said the group took part in a major military campaign against the government in northwestern Syria.[12] Meanwhile, the Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit claimed he was participating in the Turkish military operation in Afrin.[13] However, Shishani denied that he or his followers were in Afrin, and confirmed he was in Hama, fighting alongside another Chechen militia, Tarkhan Gaziyev's Katiba abd ar-Rahman.[14]

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