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United States bottled version.

K is a cider manufactured and distributed by C&C Group plc.

In the UK[edit]

Advertised under the slogan 'Refreshingly. Different.', the canned[1] version available in the UK is 8.0% ABV. At one time, two bottled versions were available, 8.0% and "K6" at 6.3%. The price of the 500 ml can is £1.20. As of 2017, cans have had ABV reduced to 8% displaying a reduced retail price of £1.09.

In the U.S.[edit]

A bottled version was available in the US[2] at 6.9% abv. As of 2010, K was no longer available in the U.S. at all except via special order.

The look[edit]

Cans and bottles of K have a highly distinctive look, coloured black with a scarlet K[3] in the centre of the container. Each can has the following legend printed upon it: "The Mark of Quality" - "Premium liquids of a superior quality have always been marked with a 'K'. So when you want the ultimate in quality, look for this 'K'." They also claim that every bottle of K is hand-crafted. The distinctive gold-top can is indicative of a 500ml can (Super K), whereas the silver top denotes a 440ml can (Normal K) with a subsequent lower unit value - 3.7, rather than 4.2.

Also in the bottled variety was an ultra violet Limited Edition in a mauve bottle which reflected UV light for the club scene. There were many other themed collectable bottles available, for example a Mission Impossible one.[citation needed]


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