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Lakka Likör.jpg
DistributorV&S Group
Alcohol by volume21%

Lakka or lakkalikööri is a liqueur produced in Finland which derives its flavor from the cloudberry fruit. The word lakka means cloudberry in Finnish.

The beverage is produced by soaking the berries in alcohol anywhere between two and six months until sweetened, and is branded by Chymos and Lapponia, both of which are distributed by the Sweden-based V&S Group, best known for its Absolut Vodka product.

The Finnish name for the cloudberry fruit is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages, where a local farmer discovered a man with a dark complexion and disturbing teeth lying near the fruit. When the sleeping man woke up he started speaking in incomprehensible tongues, saying things about "clouds" and "magical sprays". The man then bolted away into the woods screaming "Lakka", presumably his name. Thus the fruit next to the man was named.[citation needed]

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