King River (Great Southern, Western Australia)

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King River
Upper King River Bridge.jpg
Upper King River Bridge South Coast Highway near Albany, Western Australia
Origin East of Redmond
Mouth Oyster Harbour
Basin countries Australia
Length 27 kilometres (17 mi)
Source elevation 72 metres (236 ft) [1]
Mouth elevation sea level
Avg. discharge 1.08 m³/s (34, 126 Megalitres/year)
Basin area 402 km² [2]

The King River is a river in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

The river rises east of the town of Redmond. The river flows for approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi) and along with the Kalgan River drains into Oyster Harbour and finally King George Sound north east of Albany.

The river was named after Captain Phillip Parker King RN (1791-1856) by Dr Thomas Braidwood Wilson while exploring the region in December 1829. [3] The estuarine zone of the river is from the mouth to 7 kilometres (4 mi) upstream to where Mill Brook joins the river.

The land along the river is estimated as being 83% cleared yet the water quality is generally healthy fresh water. The salinity level of the King River at discharge is 800mg/L. [4]


The main tributary of the King River is Mill Brook which joins the King about two kilometres north-west of the Upper King Bridge.


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Coordinates: 34°56′44.69″S 117°56′14.47″E / 34.9457472°S 117.9373528°E / -34.9457472; 117.9373528