Lake Mountains

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Lake Mountains
Utah Lake prove map.jpg
satellite view of Utah Lake
3 mountain ranges west:
Oquirrh Mountains, Lake Mountains, and East Tintic Mountains
Highest point
Peak Unnamed (Lake Mountains (approx. center))
Length 15 mi (24 km) N-S (arc-shape, curved east)
Width 8 mi (13 km) (at center, narrower north/south)
Lake Mountains is located in Utah
Lake Mountains
Lake Mountains
Lake Mountains in Utah
Country United States
State Utah
Regions (south of)-Salt Lake Valley
(west & northwest)-Utah Valley
County Utah
(at foothills)
Range coordinates 40°16′36″N 111°58′31″W / 40.27662°N 111.97521°W / 40.27662; -111.97521Coordinates: 40°16′36″N 111°58′31″W / 40.27662°N 111.97521°W / 40.27662; -111.97521
Borders on Oquirrh Mountains-NW
Salt Lake City & Valley-N
Utah Lake-NE, E, & SE
Goshen Valley-S
East Tintic Mountains-SSW
Cedar Valley-W

The Lake Mountains are a 15-mile (24 km) long[1] mountain range located in west Utah County, Utah in western Utah Valley; the range forms the northwest border of Utah Lake, and its proximity allows its use for communication towers, mostly in its north section, bordering Eagle Mountain.


The range is arc-shaped, curved to the east, on the northwest shore of Utah Lake. The Lake Mountains have no prominent peaks, but a central ridgeline, about 5-mi (8 km) long,[2] trends slightly NNW by SSE. About nine named canyons are on the east, with Utah Lake; the west has fewer canyons, and Wiley Canyon on the west is slightly north of the range's center.

The arc-shaped east mountain range perimeter contains Utah Route 68 on the lakeshore. In Cedar Valley (Utah) on the west side, Utah Route 73 travels east, then northeast, around the northern perimeter of the mountain range.


Cedar Valley, at Fairfield contains the Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn State Park; it is on the Pony Express National Historic Trail.

Panoramic view of the Lake Mountains from Orem, Utah


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