Las muñecas de la mafia

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Las Muñecas De La Mafia
Genre Drama
Starring Fernando Solorzano
Amparo Grisales
Katherine Escobar
Country of origin Colombia
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 58
Running time 45 mins
First shown in Caracol TV
Original release May 3 – July 12, 2010
Preceded by Vecinos
Followed by Rosario Tijeras
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Las Muñecas De La Mafia (The Mafia Dolls) is a 2009 Colombian telenovela produced by BE-TV and broadcast by Caracol TV. It is based on Juan Camilo Ferrand and Andres Lopez's book "Las Fantásticas". They also wrote the scripts for the television series. The telenovela made its debut on the Unimas Network, formerly Telefutura. The series debuted on May 3, 2010 after the Vecinos finale. The show ended July 12, 2010 in the U.S.It then broadcast reruns from April 23, 2012 - July 16, 2012. Currently broadcasting reruns as of August 11, 2014, it concluded its first run on October 31, 2014.

The story deals with the lives of five young friends, Brenda, Olivia, Violeta, Renata and Pamela, who live in the fictional Colombian town of "El Carmen." Throughout the series, they become further and further embroiled in inextricable situations because of their involvement with drug king-pin, Braulio Bermudez (Pablo Escobar), his family and his lieutenants. Bermudez, played by the veteran Columbian actor, Fernando Solórzano, is a "capo" operating out of "El Carmen."

The five young women all come to sad endings at the end of the story.

Pamela immigrates to the United States of America to try to get away from trouble and be near her father, who was a pilot and ended up in prison because he was captured by the DEA taking flying cocaine to the United States. She ends up as a maid but tells Brenda she is happy and having a great life.

Olivia ends up in jail for having a fake wedding with the notorious Braulio Bermudez, and acquiring some of his property.

Violeta dies when, after Braulio's local cartel breaks into opposing factions, they meet for a final show-down in the ongoing war between them.

Renata also dies because, to repay money she owed him, Erick, a former henchman of Braulio, forces her to carry drugs to the United States in her stomach. None of her loved ones ever find out about her death because she has no identification on her person.

Brenda ends up carrying Braulio's child, but he is captured, extradited and sent to a US prison, so that she never sees him again.

This is a very exciting story to see and it shows how the easy life is never a good choice; it might be nice and easy at the beginning but one day everything ends.


  • Amparo Grisales - Lucrecia: The former wife of Braulio Bermudez. The "tatacoa" as Braulio calls her, is a refined "doll", beautiful, thin yet calculator, ambitious, and vindictive. In constant fights with her ex-husband because of money and his friend Norman whom she hates to death. Her greatest love is Guadalupe, her daughter. During the series, her taste for boys is evident, but she eventually ends up engaged to Nicanor, the patron of Braulio's rival cartel. After he is captured she moves to Panama and Uruguay, to write a book of her memoirs.
  • Fernando Solórzano - Braulio Bermúdez: Nicknamed "The Patron," "Gordito" by Olivia, and "big nose" by Brenda. The patron or capo of the southern cartel, he is a man of great power and money. With a cold and calculating mind for business but a soft and cheerful heart for women, he falls in love with Olivia Rengifo, whom he knows thanks to her friend Brenda, whom he also likes and wants. He is a party man who trusts in the loyalty of his people but does not forgive betrayal. His greatest love is Guadalupe, his daughter, his child from his failed marriage to Lucrecia. Thanks to the law and the betrayal by his relatives he is arrested, extradited and sentenced to pay for his drug trafficking crimes in a United States prison.
  • Angélica Blandon - Brenda Navarrete: "The Narizona" as Braulio calls her or "la mona" as well, as calling her "thick as thieves" along with "Maniña Brenda." From humble beginnings, Brenda's greatest desire is to get ahead with a career, but by twists of fate she end up stuck in the world of drug trafficking and being Braulio's. best friend and confidante with whom she is madly in love, costing her to lose her friendship with Olivia, Braulio's girlfriend. Brenda does not like the idea of easy money, nor want life of luxury as the wife of a "hard man." She would give anything for her friends, helping them to get out of trouble or get what they want, but often she does not agree with what they do. Hardworking, brave, feisty, intelligent and loyal to Braulio to the end, she ends up expecting his child but having no word of him after he is extradited.
  • Andrea Gómez - Pamela Rojas: "The daughter of Capi" for many, "Pamplemusa" or "la pamplemusa mayor" for Erick or simply "Pame" for friends and family. A girl of high stratum who for questions Narcotics makes friends the girls of El Carmen. Aspiring model, she is involved romantically with several narcos after her father, a charter airplane pilot, is extradited to the United States for carrying a shipment for Braulio Bermudez. Without many options she becomes accustomed to the life the narcos offer her. When war breaks out and it is thought her father gave information to the authorities, she is forced to escape and hide. She winds up as an illegal, working as a maid, but in El Carmen she is believed to be living, "the American dream she always dreamed."
  • Yuly Ferreira - Renata Gómez: "The culoncita" for Erick. She's the fool of the group. An expert at getting into trouble, and going to Brenda to help her in almost everything. Threatened with death by her ex-partner Leonel, she passes through the hands of several men, narcos or not, who manipulate her by promising money, and opportunities to get out of trouble. Almost always involving her elderly and humble parents. She is repeatedly raped, forced to smuggle money, drugs and prostitute herself, and she ends up buried in the United States after a drug load she is carrying in her stomach breaks, without her family and friends knowing anything of it.
  • Alejandra Sandoval - Violeta Manrique: "Viole" by her friends and family or "Violetica of a thousand colors" by her boyfriend Giovanni. Since childhood she has been involved in drug trafficking because her father was an associate of Braulio, she helps her dad with shipments. Adored by her parents and her boyfriend Giovanni, she draws Norman's attention who will groom and eventually kills her father, Gregorio. Driven by a thirst for revenge that takes a stormy relationship with Giovanni who she both loves and hates because she believes he is responsible for the death of her father. She is eventually murdered by Norman as barter to seek peace between rival cartels.
  • Katherine Escobar - Olivia Reginfo: "Oli" by family and friends, "bold" by Braulio, "the lady" and "the beast" for thick as thieves. Lower-middle girl, beautiful and ambitious class. His greatest wish is to become the wife of "hard" and have an easy life of luxury and privilege. With its fixed goal he sets out to conquer Braulio successfully with the help of her best friend Brenda. Because their parents, noble and hardworking people are strongly opposed to the relationship, do their best to zoom out so they send it to Miami a season in which Brenda falls for Braulio and maintains a wrongful relationship with him who is still in love Olivia. In return, he learns what happened and breaks his friendship with Brenda becoming even more ambitious, vindictive and spiteful. Determined to marry Braulio who shortly after the wedding jail which brings you more of a problem. Ends repentant and paying an expected three to four years by front men.
  • Lincoln Palomeque - Giovanni: lower-middle class, Giovanni is a taxi driver who is madly in love with Violeta Manrique, whom he won with his humility, simplicity, and joy. With one foot in the world of drug trafficking, bad luck ends up completely ruining the relationship with Violeta whom he will love until the end. Looking for his protection, that of his family and that of Viole, he distances himself from the narcos and associates himself with US authorities, initiating more than one problem. When Violet threatens to kill him, he and his family settle in Bogota seeking a new life, and aspiring to a better relationship with Violeta in her comings and goings. In the end he is working with his taxi service as before, but without "joie de vivre" because of her death at the hands of the narcos.
  • Diego Vásquez - Norman: The main villain of the series. Best friend and partner Braulio. Married with one son, she is an ambitious, unscrupulous macho man. Initially he is loyal to his boss and is willing to kill and go over who is loyalty. Womanizer and willing to get any woman you like, abuser and rapist. Once imprisoned Braulio is determined to become the new pattern, betraying the hard way who considered his friend. Ends killed in a shootout against a raid by state authorities Statians.
  • Julián Román - Erick: "The Norman lavaperros" by many, is the right hand of Norman, also serves to Braulio but more faithful to one another doing all the dirty of these commissions. Murderer is a violent and abusive man who falls in love with Pamela initially obsessed with her, Renata ends driving at will making do with drug orders. Blood and cold heart is killed by Nicanor as barter to seek peace between cartels
  • Julián Caicedo - "Uña" Hermano menor de "Mugre": Called by all "Carmenzos" along with his brother, he is a bodyguard of Braulio. Hearted with people close to Braulio as Guadalupe and Brenda, a loyal hit man until the end of the pattern. Responsible for dirtier than his older brother works.
  • Jairo Ordoñez - "Mugre": Hermano mayor de "Uña": Called by all "Carmenzos" along with his brother, he is a bodyguard of Braulio. Hearted with people close to Braulio as Guadalupe and Brenda, a loyal hit man until the end of the pattern. It is responsible for more technical work to Braulio as finding coves.

Happy, happy to drugs, drink and prostitutes, proves to be more than guardaesaldas, Braulio friends. None supports Olivia and want much to Brenda, with her are the ones who are faithful to the end to Braulio and refuse to work for Norman. happened to them after their pattern was extradited is unknown.


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end
Colombia Caracol TV September 26, 2009 March 8, 2010
Bulgaria September 19, 2010 July 28, 2011
United States Telefutura May 3, 2010 July 12, 2010
United States Telefutura April 23, 2012 July 16, 2012 (reruns)
United States Unimas August 11, 2014 October 31, 2014 (reruns)
Argentina Canal 9 May 25, 2010 August 18, 2010
Vietnam VBC February 24, 2011