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This is a list of the Alpha Epsilon Pi chapters. Active chapters noted in bold, inactive chapters noted with italics.[1]

Undergraduate chapters[edit]

Name Chartered Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Alpha 1913 New York University New York, New York Suspended by school (Recognized by national)
Beta 1917 Cornell University Ithaca, New York Active [2]
Gamma 1919 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active Closed Spring 2012, refounded 2015, rechartered 2017 [3]
Delta 1920 University of Illinois Champaign, Illinois Active
Epsilon 1920 Emory University Atlanta, Georgia Active Refounded in 2000 and 2023 [4]
Zeta 1920 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia Active [5]
Eta 1921 Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio Active Refounded in 1999
Theta 1921 Auburn University Auburn, Alabama Chapter Refounded in 2014
Iota 1923 Columbia University, Jewish Theological Seminary New York, New York Active Refounded in 1990
Kappa 1924 Ohio Northern University Ada, Ohio Inactive
Lambda 1924 University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois Active Refounded in 2000
Mu 1924[6] University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Active Refounded in 2012, rechartered in 2014[7]
Nu 1925 Marquette University Milwaukee, Wisconsin Inactive Inactive 1932
Omicron 1926 University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Active
Pi 1927 University of Wisconsin–Madison Madison, Wisconsin Active
Rho 1928 University of Rhode Island Kingston, Rhode Island Active Re-founded 2009, re-chartered in 2014
Sigma 1928 Washington University in St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri Active
Tau 1929 Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee Active Re-founded in 2021
Xi 1930 Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan Active Re-founded 2017 Re-chartered 2019 [8]
Upsilon 1931 University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Inactive Re-founded in 1946 [9]
Phi 1933 University of Massachusetts Amherst Amherst, Massachusetts Active [10]
Chi 1934 Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Active
Psi 1936 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland Active
Omega 1937 UNC Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina Active Founded February 28, 1937
Alpha Deuteron 1937 Drake University Des Moines, Iowa Inactive
Beta Deuteron 1938 Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana Inactive
Gamma Deuteron 1939 University of Texas Austin, Texas Active Refounded in 2003
Delta Deuteron 1940 University of Maryland, College Park College Park, Maryland Active
Epsilon Deuteron 1940 Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, Massachusetts Inactive
Zeta Deuteron 1940 Boston University Boston, Massachusetts Active Refounded 2013 [11]
Eta Deuteron 1940 Tufts University Medford, Massachusetts Inactive Disassociated in 2015 [12]
Theta Deuteron 1941 University of Akron Akron, Ohio Inactive [13]
Iota Deuteron 1942 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama Active Refounded in 2017, Rechartered in 2018
Kappa Deuteron 1947–2013; 2023 George Washington University Washington, D.C. Colony Closed December 2013, refounded 2023
Lambda Deuteron 1947 University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida Active Refounded 2009
Mu Deuteron 1947 University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri Active
Nu Deuteron 1947 Missouri University of Science and Technology Rolla, Missouri Active
Xi Deuteron 1947 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California Active
Omicron Deuteron 1947 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Active Refounded 2004
Pi Deuteron 1947 Penn State University State College, Pennsylvania Active Refounded 2011
Rho Deuteron 1947 University of Delaware Newark, Delaware Active Rechartered 2017
Sigma Deuteron 1947 Syracuse University Syracuse, New York Inactive
Tau Deuteron 1947 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio Colony Refounded in 2015 as Cleveland Metro
Upsilon Deuteron 1947 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico Inactive
Chi Deuteron 1947 University of Washington Seattle, Washington Active Refounded 2000
Lambda 1948 Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois Inactive Inactive 2005 [14]
Mu Tau 1948 MIT Cambridge, Massachusetts Inactive
Alpha Upsilon 1948 NYU - University Heights The Bronx, New York Inactive
Sigma Phi 1948 University of Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba Inactive Refounded in 2013 [15]
Psi Deuteron 1949 University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee Active Refounded in 2014
Kappa Upsilon 1949 University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas Active [16]
Phi Deuteron 1949 Kent State University Kent, Ohio Active
Kappa Sigma 1949 Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas Inactive
Beta Upsilon 1949 Bradley University Peoria, Illinois Active
Chi Alpha 1949 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Active
Kappa Chi 1949 Queens College Flushing, New York Active
Omega Deuteron 1949 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Active
Mu Upsilon 1949 University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota Active Refounded in 2002
Upsilon Tau 1950 University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio Inactive [17]
Alpha Sigma 1951 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona Active Re-chartered in 2018 [18]
Iota Upsilon 1951 University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Active
Rho Pi 1951 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, New York Active
Phi Gamma 1951 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida Active
Tau Upsilon 1951 Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana Active Refounded in 2001
Gamma Alpha 1949 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia Active Refounded in 2007
Beta Pi 1953 Polytechnic University (New York) Brooklyn, New York Inactive
Zeta Pi 1954 University of Vermont Burlington, Vermont Active Refounded in 1999
Pi Upsilon 1954 Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana Active
Upsilon Rho 1954 University of Richmond Richmond, Virginia Inactive
Alpha Pi 1956 Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Inactive
Upsilon Kappa 1956 University of Connecticut Storrs, Connecticut Active Refounded in 1995
Kappa Mu 1956 University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri Inactive
Rho Upsilon 1956 Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey Active Rechartered in 2015
Phi Theta 1956 Brooklyn College Brooklyn, New York Active Rechartered in 2014
Mu Epsilon 1957 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Milwaukee, Wisconsin Active Refounded in 2012
Sigma Chi 1958 City College of New York New York, New York Inactive
Beta Iota 1958 Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana Active Refounded in 2010
Upsilon Beta 1958 University at Buffalo Buffalo, New York Active
Eta Chi 1959 Lehman College The Bronx, New York Inactive
Mu Sigma 1959 University of Memphis, (formerly Memphis State University) Memphis, Tennessee Inactive
Omega Upsilon 1959 University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma Inactive
Beta Sigma 1960 Baruch College New York, New York Active
Upsilon Chi 1962 University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee Inactive
Lambda Upsilon 1962 Long Island University Brooklyn, New York Inactive
Sigma Kappa Psi 1962 Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts Active Only 3-letter Greek Life chapter name (with the exception of UK AEPi chapters) [19]
Alpha Epsilon 1962 Long Island University-C.W. Post (formerly C.W. Post College) Brookville, New York Inactive
Rho Beta 1962 Rutgers University–Newark Newark, New Jersey Inactive
Pi Zeta 1963 Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia Inactive
Rho Nu 1964 University of Rochester Rochester, New York Active
Alpha Tau 1964 Miami University Oxford, Ohio Active
Upsilon Alpha 1964 University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona Active
Epsilon Kappa 1965 East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina Inactive
Pi Chi 1966 Parsons College Fairfield, Iowa Inactive
Rho Mu 1963 Randolph-Macon College Ashland, Virginia Inactive
Rho Iota 1967 Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York Active
Delta Pi 1967 Utica College Utica, New York Inactive
Upsilon Omicron 1967 University of Nebraska-Omaha Omaha, Nebraska Inactive
Delta Tau 1967 Detroit Institute of Technology Southfield, Michigan Inactive
Nu Alpha 1968 Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona Inactive
Nu Sigma 1968 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada Active
Rho Eta 1968 Hunter College New York, New York Inactive
Upsilon Eta 1968 University of Houston Houston, Texas Active
Phi Tau 1968 Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida Colony Refounded 2020
Kappa Gamma 1968 Clarkson University Potsdam, New York Inactive
Nu Eta 1968 Quinnipiac University Hamden, Connecticut Active Refounded in 2015
Alpha Chi 1969 Athens State University Athens, Alabama Inactive
Omicron Chi 1969 Oglethorpe University Atlanta, Georgia Inactive
Iota Chi 1969 University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, Illinois Active Refounded 2008
Sigma Pi 1969 American University Washington, D.C. Active
Sigma Omega 1969 California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California Active Refounded in 2003
Lambda Gamma 1969 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio Inactive
Epsilon Mu 1969 Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan Inactive Refounded in 1987
Phi Delta 1970 University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Active
Nu Tau 1970 New York Institute of Technology Old Westbury, New York Inactive
Lambda Epsilon 1970 Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck, New Jersey Inactive
Epsilon Pi 1970 Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia Inactive Refounded in 2006 [20]
Mu Phi 1970 Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, Florida Inactive
Delta Beta 1970 University of New Hampshire Durham, New Hampshire Inactive
Iota Tau 1970 Indiana Institute of Technology Fort Wayne, Indiana Inactive
Tau Phi 1970 University of Tampa Tampa, Florida Active [21]
Sigma Delta 1970 San Diego State University San Diego, California Active
Sigma Alpha 1971 Virginia Tech Blacksburg, Virginia Active
Tau Eta 1971 Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana Inactive
Lambda Kappa 1972 University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Inactive
Sigma Mu 1973 Central Missouri State University Warrensburg, Missouri Inactive
Nu Iota 1976 Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois Inactive Refounded in 2007, closed again in 2019
Chi Upsilon 1977 University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado Active Refounded in 2002
Omicron Upsilon 1978 Ohio University Athens, Ohio Active
Sigma Eta 1979 Lehigh University Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Active Recognized Spring 2015 [22]
Kappa Xi 1980 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan Inactive
Iota Beta 1982 Illinois State University Normal, Illinois Active Refounded in 2010
Sigma Iota 1983 Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Carbondale, Illinois Inactive
Delta Kappa 1985 Duke University Durham, North Carolina Active
Beta Nu 1983 Binghamton University Binghamton, New York Active Refounded in 2010 [23]
Chi Nu 1985 California State University, Northridge Northridge, California Active
Iota Delta 1985 State University of New York at Stony Brook Stony Brook, New York Inactive Refounded in 1994
Alpha Nu 1985 University at Albany Albany, New York Active Refounded in Spring 2019
Eta Upsilon 1985 University of Hartford West Hartford, Connecticut Active
Alpha Kappa 1985 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Active Refounded in 1987
Lambda Omega 1985 University of Western Ontario London, Ontario Active
Psi Phi 1985 University of South Florida Tampa, Florida Active
Pi Beta 1986 Hofstra University Hempstead, New York Active Refounded in 2011
Upsilon Sigma 1986 Union College Schenectady, New York Inactive Refounded in 2006, Closed in 2018
Gamma Upsilon 1986 Rowan University (formerly known as Glassboro State College) Glassboro, New Jersey Active Colony re-founded in 2015, recognized by Rowan University January 2017; chartered shortly after
Tau Omega 1987 University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario Active Refounded in 1997
Eta Pi 1987 York University Toronto, Ontario Active
Omega Nu 1987 State University of New York-Oswego Oswego, New York Inactive Refounded in 2012, Revoked in 2015
Omega Sigma 1987 State University of New York-Oneonta Oneonta, New York Active Refounded in 2013
Lambda Beta 1987 Brandeis University Waltham, Massachusetts Active Refounded in 2012 (Brandeis does not permit or recognize fraternities)
Chi Beta 1988 California State University-Long Beach Long Beach, California Inactive Reestablished in 2009
Chi Delta 1987 University of California-Davis Davis, California Active
Zeta Tau 1988 University of California, Irvine Irvine, California Active
Sigma Beta 1988 University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California Active
Alpha Beta 1988 Muhlenberg College Allentown, Pennsylvania Inactive
Chi Mu 1988 Clark University Worcester, Massachusetts Inactive
Phi Alpha 1989 Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida Active
Sigma Tau 1989 Stanford University Palo Alto, California Active
Alpha Delta 1990 Adelphi University Garden City, New York Inactive
Delta Psi 1990 Buffalo State College Buffalo, New York Inactive
Epsilon Chi 1990 McGill University Montréal, Québec Inactive Refounded in 2013
Iota Eta 1990 Ithaca, New York Active Refounded in 2012
Phi Pi 1990 State University of New York-Cortland Cortland, New York Inactive
Epsilon Upsilon 1991 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut Active Refounded in 2003
Rho Sigma 1992 Ramapo College Mahwah, New Jersey Inactive
Chi Pi 1993 California State Polytechnic-Pomona Pomona, California Colony
Beta Psi 1961 Rider University Lawrenceville, New Jersey Inactive Charter revoked in 2009
Tau Mu 1993 Towson University Towson, Maryland Active
Lambda Alpha 1995 University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois Inactive Renamed as Lambda chapter in 2006
Beta Rho 1997 Brown University Providence, Rhode Island Inactive Disaffiliated in 2015 and changed name to Beta Rho Pi (local) over attempted removal of non-Jewish members from chapter by National . After protests, Executive Director reinstated non-Jewish members to avoid media outrage. Later kicked off campus for having cocaine at pledging event. [24][25]
Nu Delta 1999 University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Active
Delta Rho 1998 Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active
Chi Sigma 1998 University of California, San Diego San Diego, California Active
Beta Chi 1999 University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia Active
Tau Delta 2000 Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois Inactive Closed in March 2023 [26]
Eta Psi 2001 Harvard College Cambridge, Massachusetts Inactive Disaffiliated in 2017. Now known as The Aleph (local) [27]
Upsilon Omega 2001 University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon Inactive Suspended until June 2021 after a hazing investigation [28]
Eta Sigma 2002 Georgetown University Washington, D.C. Active
Chi Omicron 2002 College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina Inactive
Kappa Omega 2003 University of Waterloo & Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo, Ontario Active
Pi Rho 2004 Toronto Metropolitan University Toronto, Ontario Active Refounded in 2009, colonized in 2015
Nu Kappa 2004 University of Ottawa & Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario Active Refounded in 2021
Beta Alpha 2004 San Francisco State University San Francisco, California Active
Sigma Zeta 2004 University of California, Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, California Active [29]
Beta Epsilon 2005 Babson College Wellesley, Massachusetts Inactive
Psi Beta 2006 Bentley College Waltham, Massachusetts Inactive
Upsilon Upsilon 2006 Yeshiva University New York City, New York Active Reestablished in 2010, 2023
Pi Tau 2006 Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey Inactive
Mu Delta 2007 University of Maryland Baltimore County Baltimore, Maryland Inactive
Gamma Mu 2007 George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia Active
Tau Pi 2007 College of William & Mary Williamsburg, Virginia Active
Chi Rho 2007 University of California, Riverside Riverside, California Active
Beta Delta 2008 DePaul University Chicago, Illinois Active
Eta Theta 2008 University of Guelph Guelph, Ontario Active
Omega Epsilon 2008 James Madison University Harrisonburg, Virginia Active
Eta Omicron 2008 McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario Active
Chi Psi 2009 San Jose State University San Jose, California Inactive
Alpha Eta 2009 The College of New Jersey Ewing, New Jersey Active
Kappa Phi 2010 Queen's University Kingston, Ontario Active
Gamma Chi 2010 University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina Active
Chi Phi 2011 California State University, Fullerton Fullerton, California Inactive
Phi Iota 2012 Florida International University Miami, Florida Active
Alpha Psi 2013 Wesleyan University Middletown, Connecticut Inactive
Sigma Psi 2013 Sonoma State University Rohnert Park, California Active
Nu Rho 2013 State University of New York at New Paltz New Paltz, New York Active
Mu Gamma 2014 University of North Texas Denton, Texas Active [30]
Upsilon Nu 2014 University of Nevada, Reno Reno, Nevada Active
Chi Chi 2015 Claremont Colleges Claremont, California Inactive
Delta Chi 2015 Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, Florida Active
Gamma Epsilon 2015 Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia Inactive
Alpha Omega 2016 Chapman University Orange, California Active
Tau Chi 2016 Southern Methodist University Houston, Texas Active
Gamma Rho 2017 Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado Active
Gamma Lambda 2017 Concordia University Montreal, Quebec, Canada Inactive
Chi Eta 2018 California State University, Chico Chico, California Active
Gamma Beta 2018 Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, North Carolina Active
Tau Iota 2018 University of Texas at Dallas Dallas, Texas Active
Mu Theta 2019 Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina Active Founded in 2016 as a colony. Chartered on January 26, 2019
Delta Gamma 2019 Grand Valley State University Allendale, Michigan Active
Mu Lambda 2020 West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia Active
Epsilon Phi 2021 Elon University Elon, North Carolina Active
Gamma Tau 2013 West Chester University West Chester, Pennsylvania Inactive
Aleph (א‎) 2009 Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel Active [31]
Pi Omicron 2010 Portland State University Portland, Oregon Inactive
Bet (בּ‎) 2011 Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel Active
Delta Upsilon 2011 University of Denver Denver, Colorado Inactive
Upsilon Kappa Alpha 2011 University of St. Andrews St Andrews, Scotland Active
Upsilon Kappa Beta 2011 University of Leeds Leeds, England Active [32]
Upsilon Kappa Gamma 2011 University of Birmingham, Aston University & Birmingham City University Birmingham, England Colony [33]
Upsilon Kappa Delta 2012 University of Nottingham & Nottingham Trent University Nottingham, England Active
Nu Theta 2011 Goucher College Baltimore, Maryland Inactive Not recognized by Goucher College
Omicron Rho 2011 Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania Active
Upsilon Kappa Epsilon 2012 London Universities London, England Active
Vav (ו‎) 2016 Bar-Ilan University Ramat Gan, Israel Active
Upsilon Kappa Zeta 2013 University of Manchester & Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester, England Inactive
Upsilon Kappa Eta 2013 University of Warwick Warwick, England Inactive
Upsilon Kappa Theta 2013 Liverpool Universities Liverpool, England Inactive
Alpha Gamma 2013 Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia Chapter
Nu Phi 2013 Brock University St. Catharines, Ontario Colony
Phi Eta 2015 Lauder Business School Vienna, Austria Colony
Theta Psi 2014 University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta Colony
Lambda Mu 2015 Texas A&M University College Station, Texas Colony
Tau Beta 2015 Trinity College Hartford, Connecticut Colony
Nu Chi 2015 North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina Active
Omega Zeta 2016 University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia Active
Omega Gamma 2016 Johnson & Wales University Providence, Rhode Island Colony
Gamma Pi 2016 Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, Georgia Colony
Theta Sigma 2016 University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio, Texas Colony
Kappa Lambda 2017 Emerson College Boston, Massachusetts Colony
Phi Beta 2017 Stockton University Galloway Township, New Jersey Colony
Omicron Sigma 2017 Oregon State University Corvallis, Oregon Colony

Alumni clubs[edit]

City Founded
Chicago 2008
Cincinnati 2011
Detroit 2016
Orange County
Las Vegas
Long Island 2010
Los Angeles
New York City 2010
Philadelphia 2010
South Florida Rechartered 2010
Toronto Rechartered 2010
Twin Cities 2011
Washington, D.C. 2014


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