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There are eight airports in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); two of which provide scheduled passenger service. The two airports, Toronto Pearson International Airport and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, are located within the GTA. Two other airports, namely the Region of Waterloo International Airport and John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, are passenger airports located in the outskirts of the metropolitan area. The four passenger service airports are included in the airport metrocode YTO, designated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Toronto Pearson, located in the neighbouring city of Mississauga, is the busiest airport in Canada and a major international flight hub in North America. Billy Bishop is a small international airport located on the Toronto Islands near Downtown Toronto used by regional airlines, civil aviation, and air ambulance traffic. Waterloo is a small passenger service airport, which is also used for general aviation and flight training. Hamilton is the main reliever airport to Toronto Pearson and second busiest in Southern Ontario, providing regular low-cost service to destinations in Canada and the U.S.[1]

Existing airports[edit]

Land airports[edit]

Scheduled commercial airline service[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/(IATA)   Location   Coordinates  
Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport CYTZ (YTZ) Toronto (Toronto Islands) 43°37′39″N 079°23′46″W / 43.62750°N 79.39611°W / 43.62750; -79.39611 (Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport)
John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport CYHM (YHM) Hamilton (Mount Hope) 43°10′25″N 079°56′06″W / 43.17361°N 79.93500°W / 43.17361; -79.93500 (John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport)
Toronto Pearson International Airport CYYZ (YYZ) Mississauga 43°40′38″N 079°37′50″W / 43.67722°N 79.63056°W / 43.67722; -79.63056 (Toronto Pearson International Airport)
Region of Waterloo International Airport CYKF (YKF) Woolwich 43°27′38″N 080°22′42″W / 43.46056°N 80.37833°W / 43.46056; -80.37833 (Region of Waterloo International Airport)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/(IATA)   Location   Coordinates  
Brampton-Caledon Airport CNC3 Caledon 43°45′37″N 079°52′30″W / 43.76028°N 79.87500°W / 43.76028; -79.87500 (Brampton Airport)
Burlington Executive Airport CZBA Burlington 43°26′30″N 079°51′01″W / 43.44167°N 79.85028°W / 43.44167; -79.85028 (Burlington Airpark)
Buttonville Municipal Airport CYKZ (YKZ) Buttonville, Markham 43°51′44″N 079°22′12″W / 43.86222°N 79.37000°W / 43.86222; -79.37000 (Buttonville Municipal Airport)
Downsview Airport CYZD (YZD) Toronto (Downsview) 43°44′34″N 079°27′56″W / 43.74278°N 79.46556°W / 43.74278; -79.46556 (Downsview Airport)
Markham Airport CNU8 Markham 43°56′09″N 079°15′44″W / 43.93583°N 79.26222°W / 43.93583; -79.26222 (Markham Airport)
Oshawa Executive Airport CYOO (YOO) Oshawa 43°55′22″N 078°53′42″W / 43.92278°N 78.89500°W / 43.92278; -78.89500 (Oshawa Airport)

Water aerodromes[edit]

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Billy Bishop Toronto City Water Aerodrome CPZ9 Toronto Islands, Toronto 43°37′59″N 079°23′40″W / 43.63306°N 79.39444°W / 43.63306; -79.39444 (Toronto/City Centre Water Aerodrome)


Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates  
Brampton (National "D") Heliport CPC4 Brampton 43°50′00″N 079°42′03″W / 43.83333°N 79.70083°W / 43.83333; -79.70083 (Brampton (National "D") Heliport)
Toronto (Hospital For Sick Children) Heliport CNW8 Toronto 43°39′00″N 079°23′00″W / 43.65000°N 79.38333°W / 43.65000; -79.38333 (Hospital for Sick Children)
Toronto/Markham Stouffville Heliport CPH7 Markham 43°53′00″N 079°14′00″W / 43.88333°N 79.23333°W / 43.88333; -79.23333 (Markham Stouffville Hospital)
Toronto (Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital) Heliport CPK6 Mississauga 43°33′41″N 079°42′09″W / 43.56139°N 79.70250°W / 43.56139; -79.70250 (Credit Valley Hospital)
Toronto (St. Michael's Hospital) Heliport CTM4 Toronto 43°39′15″N 079°22′42″W / 43.65417°N 79.37833°W / 43.65417; -79.37833 (St. Michael's Hospital)
Toronto (Sunnybrook Medical Centre) Heliport CNY8 Toronto 43°43′16″N 079°22′14″W / 43.72111°N 79.37056°W / 43.72111; -79.37056 (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
Tarten Heliport CPA5 Mississauga 43°39′07″N 079°39′29″W / 43.65194°N 79.65806°W / 43.65194; -79.65806 (Tarten Heliport)
Wilson's Heliport CPY5 Toronto (Etobicoke) 43°37′04″N 079°33′49″W / 43.61778°N 79.56361°W / 43.61778; -79.56361 (Wilson's Heliport)

Proposed airport[edit]

There is a proposal to develop a new Pickering Airport northeast of the city, to complement Pearson.[2] Versions of these tentative plans have been in existence since the early 1970s, and land for this proposed airport was expropriated by government authorities in 1972. However, continued and vociferous local opposition to the Pickering airport scheme has meant that forty years later, the airport had not moved beyond the discussion phase. In June 2013, the federal government announced the revival of the airport, but development is not expected to take place until 2027 to 2037.[3]

Historical airports[edit]

The following airports once served the area but have since been closed:

Airport name     ICAO/TC LID/IATA   Location   Coordinates   Current Use  
Armour Heights Field Armour Heights, Toronto 43°44′27″N 079°25′20″W / 43.74083°N 79.42222°W / 43.74083; -79.42222 (Armour Heights Field) Closed 1921 and re-developed as residential neighbourhood
Barker Field Yorkdale 43°42′54″N 079°27′22″W / 43.71500°N 79.45611°W / 43.71500; -79.45611 (Baker Field) Closed 1953 and now commercial property (Shell Canada gas station, Downsview Toyota dealership, Burger King, etc.)
De Lesseps Field Mount Dennis Weston 43°41′54.6″N 079°29′47.15″W / 43.698500°N 79.4964306°W / 43.698500; -79.4964306 (Downsview Airfield) Opened in 1910 as Trethewey Airfield at a canning shed; home to de Havilland Canada in 1928 until it moved to Downsview in 1929. Site now re-developed into residential neighbourhood.
Downsview Airfield Downsview 43°44′37″N 079°27′59″W / 43.74361°N 79.46639°W / 43.74361; -79.46639 (Downsview Airfield) Ceased as military airfield 1996 CFB Downsview and now Downsview Airport is a manufacturing facility for Bombardier Aerospace
King City Airport King City 43°54′21″N 079°33′35″W / 43.90583°N 79.55972°W / 43.90583; -79.55972 (King City Airport) Bought by construction company for commercial use. Tower and parts of runway remain.
Leaside Aerodrome East York 43°42′46″N 079°21′33″W / 43.71278°N 79.35917°W / 43.71278; -79.35917 (Leaside Aerodrome) Closed 1939 and later developed as commercial and industrial business park
Long Branch Aerodrome Long Branch 43°34′26″N 079°33′16″W / 43.57389°N 79.55444°W / 43.57389; -79.55444 (Long Branch Aerodrome) Closed 1919 and home to Lakeview Generating Station 1962–2007. Station demolished and being developed for homes, cultural and community use, as well as parkland along the waterfront.
Maple Airport Vaughan 43°50′36″N 079°31′37″W / 43.84333°N 79.52694°W / 43.84333; -79.52694 (Maple Airport) Closed 1987 and re-developed as residential neighbourhood
Toronto Aerodrome (Toronto Flying Club) Toronto (Sheppard West station) 43°44′56″N 079°27′39″W / 43.74889°N 79.46083°W / 43.74889; -79.46083 (Toronto Aerodrome) Closed after 1939 and later became the Sheppard West subway station
Willowdale Airfield Willowdale 43°46′11″N 079°25′36″W / 43.76972°N 79.42667°W / 43.76972; -79.42667 (Willowdale Airfield) Closed before 1940 and now York Cemetery, Toronto

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