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These are a series of lists featuring fictional or non-fictional people who have been portrayed in media as the President of the United States.

Fictional Presidents of the United States of America[edit]

Due to the length of this list, it has been divided into the following sections:

Fictional Presidents[edit]

Unnamed Presidents[edit]

Historical Presidents[edit]

Fictional Presidents of the Confederate States of America[edit]

  • Jake Featherston, a fictional character in the Southern Victory novel series by Harry Turtledove. The fictional timeline's equivalent of Adolf Hitler, he is motivated by his desire to fight a second war against the United States as revenge for the Confederacy's humiliating defeat in the First Great War and to eliminate the Confederacy's black population and its ruling aristoracy, believing that the former had 'stabbed the South in the back' and that the latter had incompetently led the Confederacy via the War Department and the Whig Party during the First Great War.
  • President Lee, Jefferson Davis' successor as President in the Southern Victory Series and an Independent. Robert E. Lee is often depicted as Confederate President in American Civil War alternate histories, but in the case of the Southern Victory Series, it is never specified whether it is him, Fitzhugh Lee or some other relation.
  • Wade Hampton V, a fictional character in the Southern Victory novels by Harry Turtledove. The fictional descendent of Wade Hampton III, Hampton is elected President in 1921 over Jake Featherston (Freedom Party) and Ainsworth Layne (Radical Liberal), but is assassinated by Freedom Party stalwart Grady Calkins in Birmingham, Alabama in June 1922. In this alternate timeline, Hampton is the first President in either US or CS history to be assassinated.
  • Burton Mitchel, a fictional character in the Southern Victory novels by Harry Turtledove. Possibly the fictional descendent of Charles B. Mitchel, Mitchel becomes President in 1922 after the assassination of Wade Hampton V and successfully runs for election in 1927 after the Confederate Supreme Court rules that he was eligible despite serving out more than five years of his predecessor's term. After the start of the Great Depression in 1929, Mitchel is blamed for the Confederacy's economic woes, with shanty towns across the country being dubbed 'Mitcheltowns' (the equivalent of US 'Blackfordburghs' and the Hoovervilles of our timeline). Mitchel would be the last Whig President of the Confederacy after his defeat to Jake Featherston at the 1933 presidential election.
  • Donald Partridge, a fictional character in the Southern Victory novels by Harry Turtledove. A caricature of Dan Quayle, he became Vice President after an unsuccessful coup led by his predecessor Willy Knight (being considered Knight's polar opposite, a useless, harmless idiot who spent most of his time telling Featherston dumb farm-girl jokes and spending time in the company of various women). He eventually became President after Jake Featherson was assassinated by Cassius Madison, overseeing the Confederacy's surrender to and annexation by the United States after the Second Great War (1941-1944).
  • Gabriel Semmes, a fictional character in the Southern Victory novels by Harry Turtledove. The possible descendent of Raphael Semmes, Semmes succeeds Woodrow Wilson as President in 1916, having defeated Radical Liberal opponent Doroteo Arango at the 1915 presidential election. Semmes oversees the Confederate effort in the First Great War from 1916 until its eventual defeat by the United States in 1917.

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