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Loco2 Logo
United Kingdom
Founder(s)Jamie Andrews, Kate Andrews
Travel technology
ProductsTrain tickets, mobile app
ServicesOnline travel agency

Loco2 is an online booking service for train travel in the UK and Europe. It sells tickets, without booking fees, through its website and via its smartphone app which is available on iOS and Android platforms.[1][2]

It was founded in 2006 by brother and sister Jamie and Kate Andrews,[3] and started trading in 2012 from its headquarters in London.


Loco2 provides coverage for approximately 12 countries in Europe and is integrated with multiple rail operators, including the Rail Delivery Group in the United Kingdom, SNCF in France, Deutsche Bahn in Germany, Renfe in Spain and both Italo and Trenitalia in Italy.[4] The company sells fares for all major high-speed rail services in Europe, such as TGV, ICE, Eurostar, AVE, Thalys, Frecciarossa, and Italo.[5][6]

A 2014 Business Traveller article about Loco2 noted that booking rail tickets directly through Europe's rail operators often leads to inconsistent user experiences including credit card rejection issues, limited access to discount fares, and complicated navigation experiences.[7] A similar TechCrunch article characterized the booking systems as "fiendishly complex."[8][8][9]

The company's name is both an abbreviation of the phrase "low CO2" as well as a reference to locomotive travel.[10] Loco2 exclusively focuses on rail travel, as a low carbon alternative to air travel, due to rail travel's ability to reduce a traveller's carbon footprint by up to 90 percent.[8][11]

Loco2 acts as an alternative to traditional rail booking systems by aggregating multiple reservation systems into its service, allowing users to search for and book fares across multiple countries within one transaction.[9] Loco2 users can access standard rate fares as well as the discounted fares associated with each operator, such as Renfe's Turista Promo,[12][13] Deutsche Bahn's London Sparpreis and Europa Sparpreis,[14] as well as SNCF's Prems fares and the Rail Delivery Group's range of discounted Advance Fares.[15]

Companies like Loco2 are expected to expand their market share as the European Commission continues efforts to open the European rail market to increased competition.[9][10][16] Loco2’s progress takes place against the backdrop of regulatory initiatives such as TAP-TSI.[17]


Loco2 was founded in 2006 by Kate Andrews during her final year as an Undergraduate at Sussex University. The goal initially was to launch a low carbon travel company, specialising in grounded travel. As the company’s focus moved to European rail specifically, she was joined by her brother Jamie Andrews and Technical Director Jon Leighton, a leading contributor to Ruby on Rails.

From 2011 onwards, Loco2 began to integrate with the booking systems of Europe’s major rail operators, which have been historically isolated not only from one another but also from third-party services.

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Loco2 app logo.png

As of 2015, Loco2 is integrated with the following rail operator booking systems in Europe:

In 2013 Loco2 partnered with The Guardian to launch "Guardian Trains," a Guardian-branded version of Loco2's train ticket booking application.[18][19]

In 2014 Loco2 added Vimal Khosla, previously a board member of lastminute.com, to its board.

In 2016, the company underwent a full redesign, updating their logo, colourway and user platform.[20] It also released its first smartphone apps, with an iOS version launched in April[21] and an Android version available from July.[22] For its apps, Loco2 launched an icon-only version of the company logo, suitable for iOS devices.[23]

In 2017, Loco2 was acquired by Voyages-sncf.com, a subsidiary of SNCF. The value of the deal was not disclosed but the investment illustrates the growing potential of rail travel in an increasingly competitive landscape.[24] The company continues to operate independently, with co-founder Jamie and Kate Andrews retained at the company at the point of sale.[25]

In December 2018, the founders Jamie Andrews and Kate Andrews announced their departure from the organisation, describing the decision to leave as bittersweet. [26]


  • 2013 Winner PEA Awards Responsible Travel Category 2013 [27]
  • 2018 British Transport Awards: Bronze award for Best European Rail Booking Website [28]
  • 2018 National Transport Awards: Transport Supplier of the Year [29]

Ownership and funding[edit]

Loco2 was founded as a private company, limited by shares. Its owners include founders Jamie and Kate Andrews as well as members of their family and friends. Additional investment has been secured from individuals and consortiums of angel investors. Shareholders include Ed Gillespie, founder of sustainability strategy and creative agency, Futerra, and author of Only Planet, which documents a low-carbon journey around the world.[30]

The company received a total of £1 million [8][11] in funding over a number of investment rounds from private angel investors.[8] As part of its investment raising activities the company was featured on the BBC News website in a piece focusing on the "real life Dragons' Den".[31]

On 5 July 2017 it was announced that Loco2 been bought by Voyages-sncf.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of SNCF. At that time, Loco2 co-founders Kate and Jamie Andrews remained with the business. Kate Andrews said it would continue to operate as an independent company, but the new owner would provide the investment needed to develop its search and booking technology while strengthening Voyages-sncf.com's position in the European online rail ticket retailing sector. Jamie Andrews explained further, ‘Keeping pace with our competitors' spending posed a significant challenge for our small business, and it became clear that we would need to contemplate big changes’, he explained. ‘We faced a stark choice: raise financing from a large institutional investor and roll the dice on future progress, or find a buyer for the company.’[32]

Call for open data[edit]

In a 2011 Wired Magazine article, Loco2's CEO and founder Jamie Andrews called for rail operators to provide "better (and fairer) access to rail data."[33] Andrews argued that a move to standardise data across Europe's different operators would serve to protect passenger rights.[33]

In 2013 the company held a “hack day” at Google Campus in London, showcasing what could be done with open rail data in the UK.[34]

In 2017 co-founder Kate Andrews wrote an article in the Telegraph's Business Reporter supplement entitled 'How mobile tech has transformed the way we travel'. In the article she illustrated how companies such as Loco2 have made booking a train almost as easy as booking a flight by creating what is in effect a single European Rail platform.[35]

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