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London Hyde Park 1969
Video by
Released2005 (UK)
2006 (US)
Recorded7 June 1969
VenueHyde Park, London
GenreBlues rock
LabelSanctuary Visual Entertainment

London Hyde Park 1969 is the official video album by Blind Faith of their appearance at a free concert held in Hyde Park in London on 7 June 1969. It was released in the UK in 2005, and in the US and Canada in 2006.[1] The concert was the band's debut performance and took place two months before the release of their debut album, Blind Faith in August 1969.[2]

The DVD contains the band's 45-minute performance at the event, plus additional material, including interviews with Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, and videos of the band members performing in some of their former groups, namely the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Family and Cream.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[2]

In a review for AllMusic, Bret Adams described London Hyde Park 1969 as an "excellent" recording of the concert.[2] He found Clapton's electric guitar on "Can't Find My Way Home" "fascinating" because he played acoustic guitar on that song on Blind Faith. He was also impressed with Winwood's keyboard playing on "Do What You Like" and "Presence of the Lord".[2] Adams noted that while the inclusion of several covers in Blind Faith's set highlights one of the band's weaknesses, namely "a lack of original, fully realized songs", he called the event "pivotal" in the history of rock music.[2]

Writing in Clouds and Clocks, Beppe Colli noted how "ill-at-ease" Clapton appeared at times, but complemented Winwood and Baker's performances.[3] He cited "Can't Find My Way Home" as the set's best piece and described the video album overall as "an absolutely indispensable document".[3]

In a review in Vintage Rock, Shawn Perry had mixed feelings about the video. He described the band's performance as "listless" and "sub-par at best".[4] He felt that while Clapton played "flawlessly", he appeared "indifferent" and seemed happy to let Winwood take the lead.[4] Perry said "Can’t Find My Way Home", "Do What You Like" and in particular "Presence of the Lord" came across nicely, and summed up the DVD, saying, "Warts and all, it’s still a worthwhile souvenir from a pivotal period in rock and roll."[4]

Track listing[edit]

1."I Feel Free" (60s Intro)Jack Bruce/Pete BrownCream1:44
2."Steve Winwood interview"  0:09
3."I'm a Man" (Promo video clip)Steve Winwood/Jimmy MillerThe Spencer Davis Group0:45
4."Winwood interview contd."  0:24
5."Hole in My Shoe" (Promo video clip)Dave MasonTraffic1:23
6."Dim" (Promo video clip)Roger Chapman/John WhitneyFamily0:35
7."Ginger Baker interview"  0:14
8."Toad" (Cream's Farewell Concert)Ginger BakerCream0:39
9."Eric Clapton interview"  0:55
10."Sunshine of Your Love" (Cream's Farewell Concert)Bruce/Eric ClaptonCream2:44
11."Blind Faith intro"  0:29
Total length:10:01
1."Well All Right"Holly/Allison/Mauldin/PettyBlind Faith2:01
2."Sea of Joy"WinwoodBlind Faith5:21
3."Sleeping in the Ground"Sam MyersBlind Faith4:04
4."Under My Thumb"Jagger/RichardsBlind Faith5:36
5."Can't Find My Way Home" ([nb 1])WinwoodBlind Faith5:41
6."Do What You Like"BakerBlind Faith5:09
7."Presence of the Lord"ClaptonBlind Faith5:55
8."Means to an End"Winwood/Jim CapaldiBlind Faith4:05
9."Had to Cry Today"WinwoodBlind Faith6:25
Total length:44:17
Extra features
1."I'm a Man" (Promo video)Winwood/MillerThe Spencer Davis Group2:50
2."Hole in My Shoe" (Promo video)MasonTraffic2:39
3."I'm So Glad" (Cream's Farewell Concert)Skip JamesCream2:26
Total length:07:55

Source: Discogs,[6] DVD[5]


Source: DVD credits[5]


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