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Michael J. Lindell

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Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell at America First Policies.jpg
Mike Lindell at "America First Policies" conference in 2018
Born (1961-06-28) June 28, 1961 (age 57)
OccupationInventor, CEO of My Pillow, Inc.
Political partyRepublican

Michael J. Lindell (born June 28, 1961) is the inventor and CEO of My Pillow, Inc.[1][2][3] He is also the founder of the Lindell Foundation and the Lindell Recovery Network.

Early life and career

Lindell was born on June 28, 1961, in Mankato, Minnesota, and was raised in Chaska and Carver, Minnesota.[1]

Prior to inventing MyPillow, Lindell launched and operated a number of small businesses including carpet cleaning, lunch wagons, and a few bars and restaurants in Carver County, Minnesota.[1][2]

Lindell then invented the MyPillow pillow in 2004 and grew the MyPillow business into a major Minnesota manufacturing company with 1,600 employees in 2018 and 43 million pillows sold as of 2018.[4][5]

In 1982, Lindell became addicted to cocaine and alcohol, and became addicted to crack cocaine in the 1990s. His addictions even stretched through the early years of the MyPillow business. Due to these addictions, he lost his marriage of 20 years, his house, and nearly the MyPillow business. Lindell achieved sobriety through prayer in 2009.[1][6][7]

In March 2017, Lindell produced The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream, a documentary about Lindell overcoming drug addiction and building a multimillion-dollar business. The documentary was shot in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Pantages Theatre.[8]


Lindell created the Lindell Foundation, a faith-based foundation originally started to help addicts and MyPillow employees. The Lindell Foundation had a soft launch nationwide in August 2017, with a special project to help Hurricane Harvey victims.[9][10] The foundation's focus was then broadened to help people with any personal problem, including addictions, work and spousal problems, cancer victims, veterans. The foundation also offers services to active duty military members.[6] The Lindell Foundation pays the overhead, so 100% of all donations go to the vetted organizations and individuals in need.[11][citation needed]

The Lindell Recovery Network was founded by Lindell to "bring hope, recovery, and mentorship" to those struggling with drug addictions. The platform will give addicts the ability to view stories from recovered addicts who are their age and use the same drugs. The addicts will also be able to access vetted, Christian recovery organizations, as well as have access to mentors for help when they get out of recovery. The Lindell Recovery Network was highlighted in an October 24, 2018, Opioid Crisis meeting hosted by President Trump at the White House. Lindell attended this meeting with 21 other private-sector and nonprofit partners that are “stepping up and stepping in to make a difference” in the opioid crises. [12][13]

Donald Trump advocacy

Lindell met with the-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, at Trump's request, in August 2016 in the Trump Tower in New York City. They talked about the benefits of products being made in America, bringing jobs back to the USA, and helping the inner cities.[1][14][15] From that time on, Lindell was an avid Trump supporter, even calling Trump “the most amazing president this country has ever seen in history.”[16] On October 19, 2016, Lindell attended the final presidential debate in Las Vegas,[17] Lindell spoke at a Trump campaign rally in Minneapolis on November 6, 2016 and attended the Official Donald Watch Party on November 8. He attended Trump's inauguration, receiving an inauguration lapel pin as a personal gift from Trump.[16][18][14]

On July 19, 2017, Lindell sat next to President Trump at the White House’s Made in America Roundtable with 19 other industry leaders, Vice President Mike Pence, White House staff members, and four US Representatives. At the meeting and later in print, Lindell emphasized the economic importance of products being made in America.[19][20][1][15]

At a rally in Fargo, North Dakota on June 27, 2018, Trump praised Lindell, saying, “I want you to be my ad buyer because I guarantee you, he makes great deals.”[21] Lindell spoke at a Trump campaign rally on October 4, 2018, in Rochester, Minnesota, saying he was “100 percent convinced he (Trump) would be the greatest president in history” after meeting with Trump during the 2016 campaign.[22]

Lindell spoke at the 2019 CPAC conference, in which he praised Trump as "the greatest president in history".[23]


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