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Greenland Airports
Grønlands Lufthavne
State owned
Industry Airport operator
Founded 1988
Headquarters Nuuk, Greenland
Area served
Key people
Jens Lauridsen (CEO)[1]
Niels Grosen (Operations Director)
Revenue DKK 244 million (2003)
DKK -31 million (2003)
DKK -127 million (2005)
Number of employees
391 (2003)
Parent Greenlandic Ministry of Health and Infrastructure

The Greenland Airports (Greenlandic: Mittarfeqarfiit, Danish: Grønlands Lufthavne) is the national airport operator of the airports in Greenland, in charge of airport upgrades and associated fees and taxes in all airports in Greenland.[2]

Owned by the Government of Greenland, it operates 13 airports, all of which can accommodate fixed-wing STOL operations year-round, and two can handle airliners. It also operates a large, countrywide network of heliports, of which 8 are primary heliports, while the rest are considered helistops.

Mittarfeqarfiit semi-truck in Uummannaq

The company employs over 400 people, mainly staffing the main airports. Most of the helistops are staffed by Air Greenland. Greenland Airports also owns two airport hotels, at Kangerlussuaq and Narsarsuaq. It also operates an AFIS school at Narsarsuaq. Greenland Airports is supervised by the Danish Transport Authority regarding safety rules and other regulations.

For all the airports operated by the authority, see the List of airports in Greenland.

International airports[edit]

Air Iceland is the only non-Greenlandic airline providing scheduled international connections to Greenland
Airport Municipality International connection Airlines
Ilulissat Airport Qaasuitsup Reykjavík-domestic Air Greenland[3]
Air Iceland[4]
Kangerlussuaq Airport Qeqqata Copenhagen Air Greenland[3]
Kulusuk Airport Sermersooq Reykjavík-domestic Air Iceland[4]
Narsarsuaq Airport Kujalleq Reykjavík-domestic Air Iceland [4]
Nerlerit Inaat Airport Sermersooq Reykjavík-domestic Air Iceland [4]
Nuuk Airport Sermersooq Reykjavík-domestic, Reykjavík-Keflavík Air Greenland [3]
Air Iceland [4]


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