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Paradigm functional
Developer David Gay, Gustav Hållberg
First appeared 1998
Stable release 2009-jan-25 / 2009-01-25
Influenced by
Scheme, LPC

Mudlle, "MUD Language for Little Extensions", is a functional programming language[1] originally designed for writing extensions to MUME, a Diku-based MUD written in C. Public archives have dated Mudlle to around 1993, although it was not available during that year and has since been released with the original dates from the readme files intact. It had several design aims:

  • It should be simple and small. This translates into a simple compiler/interpreter, less bugs, and faster availability.
  • It should be easy to use (within the MUME framework).
  • It should be safe, i.e. bugs in programs written by gods should not crash the game. They are likely to cause strange behaviour, but this is more or less unavoidable.

Mudlle is similar to LPMud's solution for scripted actions, specialized objects, and simulations. It was one of the first hybrid building languages developed for DikuMUD.

The stand-alone version of Mudlle is freely available.

Mudlle was created by MUME developer David Gay, with ongoing development being carried out by him and Gustav Hållberg.


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