NGC 4309

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NGC 4309
NGC4309 - SDSS DR14.jpg
SDSS image of NGC 4309
Observation data (J2000 epoch)
Right ascension12h 22m 12.4s[2]
Declination07° 08′ 40″[2]
Helio radial velocity869 km/s[2]
Distance54 Mly (16.6 Mpc)[2]
Group or clusterVirgo Cluster
Apparent magnitude (V)13.6[2]
Size~62,000 ly (19 kpc) (estimated)[2]
Apparent size (V)4.99 x 0.79[2]
Other designations
UGC 7435, PGC 40051, VCC 0534, MCG +01-32-025[2]

NGC 4309 is a lenticular galaxy located about 55 million light-years away[3] in the constellation Virgo. The galaxy was discovered by astronomer Christian Peters in 1881[4] and is a member of the Virgo Cluster.[5][6]

NGC 4309 is classified as an AGN[7] and has undergone Ram-pressure stripping.[8]

Globular clusters[edit]

Within a distance of 160,000 ly (50 kpc) from NGC 4309 exists a population of 162 globular clusters that surround the galaxy.[9]

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