No. 309 Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron

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No. 309 "Land of Czerwien" Polish Fighter Squadron
309th Polish Army-Cooperation Squadron.svg
309 Squadron logo
Active8 Nov 1940 – 6 Jan 1947
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
AllegiancePoland Polish government in exile
RoleReconnaissance/Fighter Squadron
Part ofRAF Fighter Command
Nickname(s)Dywizjon Współpracy "Ziemi Czerwieńskiej"
Henryk Pietrzak
Squadron CodesAR, from 1944 WC

No. 309 (Land of Czerwień) Polish Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron was a Polish fighter squadron formed in Great Britain as part of an agreement between the Polish government-in-exile and the United Kingdom in 1940. It was at first a reconnaissance squadron but was later turned into one of several Polish fighter squadrons fighting alongside the Royal Air Force during World War II.


The squadron was formed on 8 November 1940 in the RAF base at RAF Renfrew near Glasgow. Operational readiness was reached on 5 December 1940.


8 November 1940 ppłk pil. Zygmunt Pistl
12 February 1943 mjr pil. Witold Jacek Piotrowski
15 November 1943 kpt. pil. Maciej Piotrowski
3 April 1944 kpt. pil. Jerzy Gołko
9 September 1944 kpt. pil. Antoni Głowacki
7 August 1945 kpt. pil. Henryk Pietrzak

Aircraft operated[edit]

From Aircraft Version
8 November 1940 Westland Lysander Mk-II and Mk-III
1 June 1942 (flight B) North American Mustang Mk-I
19 January 1944 Hawker Hurricane Mk-IV
23 January 1944 Hawker Hurricane Mk-IIC
1 September 1944 North American Mustang Mk-I
20 November 1944 North American Mustang Mk-III

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