North Fork Republican River

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North Fork Republican River[1]
Origin 39°59′58″N 102°27′14″W / 39.99944°N 102.45389°W / 39.99944; -102.45389
Mouth Confluence with Arikaree
40°01′11″N 101°56′18″W / 40.01972°N 101.93833°W / 40.01972; -101.93833Coordinates: 40°01′11″N 101°56′18″W / 40.01972°N 101.93833°W / 40.01972; -101.93833
Progression RepublicanKansas
Length 55 mi (89 km)[2]
Mouth elevation 3,241 ft (988 m)
Basin area 5,086 sq mi (13,170 km2)

The North Fork Republican River is a 55.4-mile-long (89.2 km)[2] tributary of the Republican River. It flows eastward from a source in Yuma County, Colorado to just north of Hagler in Dundy County, Nebraska. There it joins with the Arikaree River to form the Republican River.

The North Fork Republican River drains an area of 5,086 square miles (13,170 km2), including 4,449 square miles (11,520 km2), or 87.5%, in eastern Colorado, 575 square miles (1,490 km2), or 11.3%, in southwestern Nebraska, and 62 square miles (160 km2), or 1.2%, in northwestern Kansas.[3]

Use of water from the North Fork Republican River is governed by the Republican River Compact, a water agreement among the U.S. states of Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas signed on 1942-12-31.

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