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Rajput clans

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The Rajputs are a community of Hindus, who claim belonging to the Kshatriya or warrior varna.[1][2]

The main lineages

The Rajputs are divided into 36 clans, each clan belonging to one of three basic lineages (vanshas or vamshas):[3]

  1. the Suryavanshi lineage, claiming descent from Surya, the Hindu Sun-god or in English it is known as Solar Dynasty;[4]
  2. the Chandravanshi lineage, claiming descent from Chandra, the Hindu Moon-god or in English it is known as Lunar Dynasty;[4]
  3. the Agnivanshi lineage, claiming descent from Agni, the Hindu god of fire. Four Rajput clans are considered to be Agnivanshi.They are Chauhans, Paramara, Solanki and Pratiharas.[4]


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