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[1] Shaktawat is a branch of the Sisodia clan of Rajputs.

The Shaktawats descend from Shakti Singh (or Sakta), a son of Udai Singh II and the younger brother of Maharana Pratap. He allied with the Mughals, but returned to his brother's side at the Battle of Haldighati.[2]

Notable bearers of the name include :

Sisodia lineage from Shakti Singh(Magadh-Dev riyasat)[edit]

The Shaktawats ( Bhanawats) in Magadh-Dev riyasat (umgaa)Dev Estate was founded by Shaktawat clan of Sisodia Rajputs. Raja Prabal Singh founded the castle in late 17th century situated near the great ancient sun temple . The region was completely governed by Umgaa Estate of chandravanshi rajputs . In present it is situated near by Madanpur block situated along with National Highway-2. Dev is known for greatest divine surya mandir (sun-temple_ prepared by Viswakarma bhagwan is very old known of vedic era. Formerly, dev was under governance of Umga Estate famous for sapta surya mandir (seven temples of surya mandir ) six out of seven have fallen and only one is intact. Later Raja Prabal Singh shifted capital to Dev. The last ruler of Chadravanshi Rajpoot of Umgaa Estate was Raja Bhairwendra singh. Raja Bhairwendra handed all his power of Estate to Sisodia Rajput in 1620 A.D. After marrying his daughter to Sahatramaal Singh son of Rana Rao Bhan Singh ruler of Bhainsrorgarh northern state of Mewar conquered by Rana Shakti Singh after the battle of Haldighati in the 1577 a.d. As Raja Bhairwendra was not having son he was only having daughter,name princess Bhasyawati . Actually, elder son of Rana Sakti Singh , Rao Bhan singh's son Sahatramal singh came across to Umgaa Riyasat at evening for pilgrimage visit at Holy Gaya and decided to stay outside the premises of Umgaa Estate when Raja Bhairwendra coming to know that the prince was of Royal family and staying nearby his royal palace. He sent his personnel to invite them to night stay on his palace. As Riyasat Umgaa was surrounded by this decedous forest with fear of tiger and other dangerous animals. These personnel’s requested on behalf of Sahatramal singh to their along brothers and associate “ not to stay outside due to safety reason tiger come at night “. They refused the proposal of king Bairawendra singh and remained outside . Luckily, Tiger came at knight and attacked on them they killed it bravely with their safety swords and put as pillow and bed take a good sleep till next morning When the royal guards came early in the morning to look after them the saw the dead tiger below their head as a pillow . The guard reported all the events to Raja Bhairvendra. The raja without and delay came to meet the brave persons. He asked about them. They were introduced as the son of Rana Rao Bhan Singhji and grand son of Rana Sakti Singh of Mewar, King of Bhainsrorgarh jagir of the Udaipur region of Mewar. Their bravery inspired the king Bhairvendra. The king sent proposal to rana Bhanji to marry his son Sahatramaal singh with his daughter Bhasyavati (pani grahan sanskar). After marriage he handed over all the power and declared him as the king of umga. The king who ruled the Estate Umga later shifted to Dev, at the divine sura temple khown for the chatth puja where sisodiya after last King Bhairavendra handed to son in law Rana Sahatramaal singh. The sisodiya king who ruled Umga(dev)/after raja Bhairavendra (Chandravanshi rajpoot)

  • 1.Raja Sahatramaal singh(son of Rana Rao Bhan Singh s/o Rana Shakti Singh(Mewar/Bhainsrorgarh 200 k.m. near northside of Udaipur. Earlier northern frontier of Erstwhile Udaipur/Mewar.)
  • 2.Raja Tarachand Singh
  • 3.Raja Viswambhar Singh
  • 4.Raja Kalyan Singh
  • 5.Raja Jujhar Singh
  • 6.Raja Atibal Singh(brother of Jujhar Singh)
  • 7.Raja Nainpal singh
  • 1.Rani Satyawati
  • 8.Raja Pratap Singh
  • 9.Maharaj Prabil Singh (founder of Dev Riyasat/Esatablised Dev Castle)
  • 10.Maharaj Chatrapati Singh
  • 11.Maharaj Fatehnarayan Singh
  • 12.Maharaj Ghanshyam Singh
  • 13.Maharaj Mitra Bhan Singh
  • 14.Maharaj Jaiprakash Singh(veer Bhartendu)
  • 15.Raja Bhishma Narayan Singh
  • 16.Raja Jagnath Singh(died in 1938 and end of the dev royal family and finally take over the power of governance by thr Britishers.) As he did not have son.

Aurangabad is called as the Chittore of Bihar. As the region is highly populated by the Rajpoots. This is the land of Rajpoots who have struggle the odds of Mughals, Brithishers , Naxalites. 60% of the population is of Rajpoot. The Rajput clan are Chauhan,Chandravanshi (somwanshi) ,Sishodia(Ranavansh) , Rathore, Parmar, Bais (shirmour), Ahirwar. Out of them the Chauhans are densely populated, Sisodia are in Second Densly Populated. As Dev Riyasat was governed by Sisodia and respected among all Rajpoot because of being Mewari. Local People called sisodia as mariyadi. The villages of Sisodia Rajpoots are-Dev, Umgaa ,Riyasat Ghatrain, Rankappi, Bania, Mahuawaan,Aajan ,Pemaa, Baarahth,dadhpa,Panchokhar,Berhni,khargdiha, katayia,ketaki, basdihaa, bahuaraa,sadkaar, Belwan