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Rewired is the only Belgian annual demoparty, which is organised since 2008. Typical competitions include PC demos and intros, hand-made and ray traced graphics, "wild", music and "oldskool" competitions.

The first three editions took place in Maaseik, Belgium. The party is organized in JC Fuego, not far from downtown Maaseik.

In 2011, the party went on a break but returned in 2012, moving the party to Godsheide near Hasselt, Belgium.

Previous editions[edit]

  • Rewired 2008: "Real party is outside Germany"
  • Rewired 2009: "Summer is here"
  • Rewired 2010: "Next Christmas arrives next Summer"
  • Rewired 2012
  • Rewired 2013: "The Garden Edition"
  • Rewired 2014: "The Second Garden Edition"

Upcoming editions[edit]

Currently there are no further events planned.

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