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Sadet Karabulut, 2010

Sadet Karabulut (born April 28, 1975 in Dordrecht) is a Dutch politician and former civil servant and trade unionist of Kurdish descent.[1] As a member of the Socialist Party (Socialistische Partij) she has been an MP since November 30, 2006. From January 11 till April 14, 2011 she was on maternity leave and therefore replaced by Rik Janssen. She focuses on matters of social affairs (poverty reduction, social assistance, purchasing power and child benefit), emancipation and social integration.

From March till November 2006 she was a member of the municipal council of Amsterdam.

Karabulut studied public administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam and was active in the Dutch National Students' Trade Union (LSVb). She is a leading member of the Dutch branch of the Democratic Workers' Clubs Federation (Demokratik Isci Dernekleri Federasyonu, DIDF).

In February 2013 Karabulut stated she would refuse to pledge loyalty to the soon-to-be-King, Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander, during his inauguration ceremony. She cited that the procedure was overly ceremonial as she had already pledged allegiance when she was admitted to the House of Representatives. She is also a convinced republican.[2]

Karabulut temporarily resigned from the House of Representatives for a maternity leave, she was replaced on 3 September 2013 by Tjitske Siderius. Karabulut returned from leave on 26 November 2013.[3]


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