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ShānDōng Rén
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Regions with significant populations
Mainland China (Shandong Peninsula, Beijing, Shanghai, Northeast China), Hong Kong. etc.
Various forms of Mandarin
Ancestral worship, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Atheism, etc.
Related ethnic groups
Other Han Chinese

The people of Shandong province or Shandong people (simplified Chinese: 山东人; traditional Chinese: 山東人; pinyin: Shāndōng rén) refers to those who are native to Shandong province, the majority (99%) of whom are Han Chinese. They speak various forms of Mandarin dialects such as Jilu, Jiaoliao, and Zhongyuan. There is a small Shandong community in Singapore and Malaysia.[1] Nine-tenths of the early overseas Chinese in Korea also came from Shandong.[2]

Scientists and mathematicians[edit]


Writers and Poets[edit]


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