Tadulako University

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Tadulako University
Universitas Tadulako
Motto University of 'Carier' (Creativity, Acceleration, Reformation, Internationalisation, Entrepreneurial, Reorientation)
Type Public
Established May 1, 1981
Rector Dr. Ir. Muhammad Basir, SE., MS
Academic staff
Students +24.000
Address Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Palu Timur, Indonesia 94118, Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Campus Tondo, Palu
Colors Blue, red, light yellow
Nickname Untad
Affiliations ASAIHL
Website www.untad.ac.id

Tadulako University (Indonesian: Universitas Tadulako; UNTAD) is the only public university in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It was established on May 1, 1981 after being an affiliate of Hasanuddin University of Makassar for several years. Its rector is Muhammad Basir.

The Tadulako University has nine faculties, enrolled 22.000 student bodies (2011), and served by 1057 academic staff. Deriving from a small private education institution (1963), Tadulako University was established as public state university in 1981. On an outer island, Tadulako University today plays an important role in developing higher education in the eastern part of Indonesia.

The university is 8 km from the central airport. It can be reach by taxi and any public transportation.


The existence of universities in Central Sulawesi, which is the forerunner of the University of Tadulako, is marked by three stages — private status (1963-1966), branch status (1966-1981), and domestic stand-alone status "Tadulako" (UNTAD), since 1981.

Private status period (1963-1966)[edit]

On May 8, 1963 Tadulako received private status, under the first rector DVM. Nasri Gayur. On 12 September 1964 it was upgraded to “Listed” according to the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education and Science No. 94 / B-SWT / P / 64, with four faculties: Faculty of Social and Political, Economic Faculty, Faculty of Animal Science, and the Faculty of Education, Department of Life Sciences and Education. The Faculty of Law was added later.

Branch period (1966-1981)[edit]

The University of Hasanuddin University Tadulako Branch, by the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) No. 1 of 1966 dated January 1, 1966 and the Institute of Teacher Training and Education (Teachers’ Training College) Branch Makassar Palu by the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) No. 2 of 1966 on January 1, 1966. Tadulako University of Hasanuddin University Branch (Branch UNTAD UNHAS) was divided into four faculties: Faculty of Animal Science, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social and Political. Teachers’ Training Branch Makassar Palu consisted of three faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Teaching Literature and Art and Science of Teaching Faculty of Exact Sciences.

Stand-alone Tadulako State University (since 1981)[edit]

In 1978, with the help of the Directorate General of Higher Education and the Provincial Government of Central Sulawesi, the Koordinatorium College of Central Sulawesi (PTST), was formed, chaired by the governor of Central Sulawesi province with six vice-chairs, derived from UNTAD Branch UNHAS (three people) and Teachers’ Training Branch Makassar Palu (three people). The PTST Koordinatorium efforts to reunite the two universities in Central Sulawesi branch emerged and became a foundation for the establishment of a stand-alone public university.

With the support and efforts of communities in Central Sulawesi, local government, the rector of Hasanuddin University, the Makassar Rector Teachers’ Training College and the Directorate General of Higher Education, the status of the second branch of the higher education institutions mentioned above increased to “State University of Standing Own”, the name of Tadulako (UNTAD) in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 36 of 1981 dated August 14, 1981.

UNTAD consists of five faculties — Education, Social and Political Sciences, Economics, Law, and Agriculture.

A Faculty of Engineering has been set up in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0378/0/1993 dated October 21, 1993.

Rector inauguration[edit]

On March 7, 2011 in Jakarta, Minister of National Education, Prof. Ir. H. Muh. Nuh, DEA took the oath of office and inducted five university leaders and four of the echelon III and IV in the Ministry of National Education. Among the university leaders sworn in are Prof. Dr. Ir. Muh. Basir Cyio, SE, MS as rector to six Tadulako, for a term of four years (2011-2015). The other four leaders were Prof. Dr. Mahdi Bahar, S.Kar, M.Hum as rector IISIP West Sumatra Padang Panjang; Ir. Darmawan, MT as director of the Polytechnic Banjarmasin; Mahyus, S.Pd, SE, MM as director of Pontianak State Polytechnic; and Ir. Nana Dwi Wahyono, MM sworn in as director of Polytechnic of Jember. Muh. Basir Cyio was inaugurated by the Minister of National Education No. 75 / MPN.A4-KP / 2011, dated February 18, 2011.


UNTAD has a rectangular logo emblem in the form of five red blood in which there are Coat UNTAD implies wholeness to achieve nobility and dignity of life is to serve the Almighty God, the truth, and humanity in accordance with the philosophy of Indonesia, Pancasila. The UNTAD emblem has the following meanings:

  • A golden yellow frame bounded black line with two horns prop sharply upwards (towards) the peak (the sky);
  • At the top are 18 serrations and at the bottom there are eight.
  • In the middle of the frame there is a rhombus, in which there are spheres;
  • At the bottom there are two winding wheels (that overlap) that is supported by the earth.
  • Yellow gold frame black lines significantly restricted cultured and virtuous;
  • Rhombus and circle in which there is significant four wind direction with cored science;


UNTAD has a cooperation policy with partner agencies in the country. Forms of cooperation are memorandum of understanding, scholarships, research and community service, construction of educational facilities.


The university has 10 faculties:

  • Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
  • Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Forestry
  • Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Fishery
  • Faculty of Medical and Public Health

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