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Cheng names.svg
程 and 成, the two most common Chinese surnames with pinyin romanisation "Cheng"
Region of origin China
Other names
Variant(s)Zheng, Ching

Cheng can be a transcription of one of several Chinese surnames. Since the syllable Cheng represents different sounds in Hanyu pinyin and the Wade–Giles systems of Chinese romanization, some ambiguity will exist as to which sound is represented by the letters "Cheng" if the romanisation and tone is not known. Also within each system of romanisation, each syllable can represent one of several different characters, as with any Chinese syllable.

In the pinyin system of romanization (usually used in China), the most common surnames romanized as Cheng are 程 and 成.

In names romanized in Wade–Giles (usually used in Taiwan), Cheng is most commonly a transcription of 鄭/郑 (pinyin Zhèng).

Further confusion arises because Wade–Giles often appears without the required apostrophes (which indicates aspiration), and thus some Wade–Giles names which are properly romanized Ch'eng (such as 程 pinyin Chéng) will appear as Cheng.

Notable people surnamed 程[edit]

Notable people surnamed 成[edit]

  • Cheng Dechen, general of the Chu state in the Spring and Autumn period

Notable people surnamed 鄭[edit]


Additionally, depending on the character, Cheng can be a forename. Cheng usually is only seen to be applied to the last name due to the meaning and nature of the chosen 'Cheng', if it was '成' where it means 'to become' then it is suited best as a last name as it symbolises a foreseeing connotation and would make more sense at the end of a name, but also in Chinese name layout, the last name is usually said first. whereas if it were '澄' meaning 'clarity', then it would be more likely seen as a first name, this usually appears in the middle of the name in Chinese format.