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Awu Alaya
Native toAustralia
RegionCape York Peninsula, Queensland
EthnicityKuku Thaypan, Gugu Rarmul
Extinct2016 (with the death of Tommy George)[1]
  • Koko-Rarmul
Language codes
ISO 639-3typ
AIATSIS[3]Y84 Kuku Thaypan, Y71 Gugu Rarmul
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Kuku-Thaypan is an extinct Paman language spoken on the southwestern part of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland in Australia, by the Kuku-Thaypan people. The language was sometimes called Alaya or Awu Alaya.[4] Koko-Rarmul may have been a dialect,[5] though Bowern (2012) lists Gugu-Rarmul and Kuku-Thaypan as separate languages.[6] The last native speaker, Tommy George, died 29 July 2016 in Cooktown Hospital.[7]



Kuku-Thaypan has six vowels and two marginal vowels possibly only in loan words.[8]


Kuku-Thaypan has 23 consonants.


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