The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection

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The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection
The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection.jpg
Author Stephen Cole
Justin Richards
Gary Russell
Cavan Scott
Mark Wright
Peter Anghelides
Jason Arnopp
Martin Day
Scott Gray
Audio read by Elisabeth Sladen
Daniel Anthony
Anjili Mohindra
Series Doctor Who
The Sarah Jane Adventures
Subject Featuring: Sarah Jane Smith
Luke Smith
Clyde Langer
Maria Jackson
Rani Chandra
Publisher BBC Audio
Publication date
24 November 2011
Media type Audiobook
CD and Digital Download (600 minutes)
ISBN 978-1445871103

The Sarah Jane Adventures Collection is a collection of ten audiobooks, written by Stephen Cole, Justin Richards, Gary Russell, Cavan Scott, Mark Wright, Peter Anghelides, Jason Arnopp, Martin Day and Scott Gray and is a spin-off from the British science fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, itself a spin-off from Doctor Who.[1]

The first eight stories are read by Elizabeth Sladen, with the last two read by Daniel Anthony and Anjili Mohindra due to the death of Elisabeth Sladen.


# Title Read by Written by Notes
1 "The Glittering Storm" Elisabeth Sladen Stephen Cole TBA
Sarah Jane Smith investigates a number of burglaries by pensioners in her local area, Maria and Sarah Jane go undercover to try find out what is making otherwise innocent people to commit burglaries and what happens to the items after they are taken, this led to an alien plot to take over the earth.[2][3]
2 "The Thirteenth Stone" Elisabeth Sladen Justin Richards TBA
Sarah Jane Smith is out on a school trip with Luke, Maria, and Clyde's class, they then are invited by a professor to witness a digital scan of the thirteen mysterious stones which well tell the professor what the stones are made of as there is a legend about the thirteenth stone really being a prison for someone who wanted to take over the world and the remaining twelve stones containing guards to watch over him. Luke become more curious about the stones and ends up becoming possessed by the spirit of the thirteenth stone.[4][better source needed]
3 "The Time Capsule" Elisabeth Sladen Peter Anghelides TBA
Sarah Jane visits a supermarket called "Betterworth's" and she bumps into Clyde who is doing work experience, while Luke is on his work experience in the Natural History Museum and Rani placement is at her school working with her dad. Soon Sarah Jane notices something strange about her neighbor Mr. Plowman who end up controlling Clyde, Luke and Rani.[2]
4 "The Ghost House" Elisabeth Sladen Stephen Cole TBA
One early morning, Sarah Jane hears a crash outside on Bannerman Road, she does outside to discover that a house on her road has transformed from a Modern house into a Victorian house. She soon discovers that an alien has escaped from a facility in Russia and may be the key to finding out what has happened.
5 "The White Wolf" Elisabeth Sladen Gary Russell TBA
Sarah Jane receives a letter from a man called Edison Cluff, who was an old friend of her aunt but neither Sarah Jane or Edison can remember meeting. Sarah Jane and Luke go undercover to explore the village of Wolfenden were Edison lives but soon find out that the white wolf carved on the hillside has more to do with alien than she originally thought.
6 "The Shadow People" Elisabeth Sladen Scott Handcock TBA
Luke and Clyde miss the school coach that is taking their class to Snowdonia (Wales) for a Geography school trip. Sarah Jane takes them instead by when they catch up with the bus they discover that on that road the bus and Sarah Jane's car stops working. They find themselves standard and see two Rani's in two different places at once.
7 "Deadly Download" Elisabeth Sladen Jason Arnopp TBA
Sarah Jane is using Mr. Smith to listening to Christmas carols, when suddenly Mr. Smith abnormal internet activity in the surrounding area of Bannerman Road. An alien computer virus is downloading from the internet onto two residents computers that live on Bannerman Road, the virus is 50 times more destructive than any computer virus on earth. Sarah Jane, Luke, Rani and Clyde must stop this virus from spreading.[5]
8 "Wraith World" Elisabeth Sladen Cavan Scott & Mark Wright TBA
Rani is staying with Sarah Jane whilst her parents are in Danemouth, Sarah Jane and Rani visit a local bookshop as Rani's favourite author, Gregory P. Wilkinson is attending a booking signing and Rani is engor to meet him. Gregory sets up an interview for her at his house for the school newspaper. Later Gregory gives Rani his journal with all his notes and sketches for the ‘Wraith World’ book series Rani is so fond of. Soon Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde realise that the journal is not from this world, that its controlling Rani and it can change reality.[6]
9 "Children of Steel" Daniel Anthony Martin Day TBA

Sarah Jane, Sky, Rani and Clyde visit Town Hall to attend an auction to browse the items on offer, Sarah Jane then gets into a bidding war for a Victorian brass head with a mysterious woman. Sarah Jane wins the Victorian brass head and then brings it home with Sky, Rani and Clyde in tow. In Sarah Jane's attic Mr. Smith scans the Victorian brass head and announces that its from the future and contained inside is a research probe.[7]

Sarah Jane, Sky, Rani and Clyde then visit the person who sold the item to the auction house and find the rest of the body of the robot, they attach it with the head and it begins to speak. It leads them to an abandoned factory that has been used since the Victorian times and Sarah Jane discovers that the robot intentions could be dangerous.[7]
10 "Judgement Day" Anjili Mohindra Scott Gray TBA

Sarah Jane is having a quiet saturday and whilst across the street Rani's mother Gita is have engine problem. Sarah Jane soon fixes it with her Sonic lipstick when Gita and her husband Haresh are not looking. In the attic Rani is studying American history, while Sky and Clyde are dancing which is annoying Rani. Sarah Jane tell Mr. Smith to turn off the music. Later Mr. Smith detects an alien ship over the white cross mall.[8]

Sarah Jane decides to go to the shopping mall with Sky, Rani and Clyde. Once inside the mall everyone inside becomes trapped when a green forcefield appears stopping them from leaving. An alien voice states they are look a deceiver, by this time Rani has run to find her mother Gita who is selling flowers in the mall on a stall. Suddenly green balls begin to take people, Sarah Jane uses her lipstick and it lets the people go but the green balls come for her instead.[8]

Sarah Jane then find herself in another room and in front of three alien who identify themselves as Veritas, they put her on trial for keeping the truth about aliens from the people of Earth. Sarah Jane is shown her past that shows her covering up stories, Rani then appears is then taken by the green balls and ends up in the same place as Sarah Jane.[8]

Meanwhile Sky and Clyde think the deceiver might be the magician they saw a while ago and whilst trying to prove this everyone in the mall suspect that Sky is the deceiver they are looking for and Sarah Jane has to defend her actions to the Veritas.[8]


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