Tor (research station)

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Svarthamaren SteinNilsen 6190.jpg
Tor field station in Svarthamaren Mountain
Tor (research station) is located in Antarctica
Tor (research station)
Location of Tor within Antarctica
General information
Location Svarthamaren Mountain, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
Coordinates 71°53′20″S 05°09′30″E / 71.88889°S 5.15833°E / -71.88889; 5.15833Coordinates: 71°53′20″S 05°09′30″E / 71.88889°S 5.15833°E / -71.88889; 5.15833
Elevation 1,625 metres (5,331 ft)
Current tenants Norwegian Polar Institute
Construction started 1992
Completed 1993

Tor research station is a Norwegian Antarctic research station in Queen Maud Land, in the easternmost part of Princess Martha Coast at Svarthamaren Mountain, established in 1993. It is located 1625 metres above sea level, about 200 km from the coast. It is smaller than the other Norwegian station, Troll, and a summer-only station.

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