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    I have been involved in computing since before the eternal September (1993); I edited Wikipedia in the early years, and joined by 2007-1-3. I was very knowledgeable of policies and guidelines, help areas (such as on IRC and for dispute resolution), and some Wiki tools and voting on Wikimedia projects, but now am normally inactive. The menu at the top leads to basic information on these areas and academic writing resources.

my arts/science/philosophy documents[edit]

(Below, related ones I did not create are in parentheses.)


technical arts/sciences[edit]

liberal arts/science[edit]

general education[edit]

history & modernity[edit]


  • grammar: some now deleted definitions in 'hacker'



  • science & engineering

philosophy/sacred arts/sciences[edit]



Wikibooks: Grammar, Arithmology, And Isopsephy

about me: userboxes[edit]

Bohemian culture/arts

archived/WIP data/articles[edit]

Epilogue (web site), Chakras - number_of_petals, Chakras - number_of_petals - key points, Theism

my articles people deleted[edit]

Epilogue (web site), Paris Jefferson, Jeremy van Kampen