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(B, N) pair
2 × 2 real matrices
2-transitive group
Abelian category
Abelian extension
Abelian group
Abelian variety
Abel–Ruffini theorem
Absolute value (algebra)
Abstract nonsense
Acceptable ring
Ackermann function
Adaptive control
Additive category
Additive inverse
ADE classification
Adjacency matrix
Adjoint endomorphism
Adjoint functors
Adjoint representation
Adjoint representation of a Lie group
Adjugate matrix
Adomian decomposition method
Affine geometry
Affine group
Affine Lie algebra
Affine representation
Affine space
Affine transformation
Airy function
Alexander polynomial
Algebra (ring theory)
Algebra homomorphism
Algebra over a field
Algebra representation
Algebraic closure
Algebraic element
Algebraic extension
Algebraic geometry
Algebraic group
Algebraic integer
Algebraic number field
Algebraic number theory
Algebraic structure
Algebraic topology
Algebraically closed field
Algebraically compact module
Almost periodic function
Alperin–Brauer–Gorenstein theorem
Alternant matrix
Alternating group
Alternating sign matrix
Alternative algebra
Amenable group
Analytic function
Analytic geometry
Angular acceleration
Angular displacement
Angular momentum
Angular velocity
Annihilator (ring theory)
Anti-diagonal matrix
Antifundamental representation
Antisymmetric tensor
Aperiodic semigroup
Arithmetic dynamics
Arithmetic group
Arnold tongue
Arnold's cat map
Array data structure
Arrowhead matrix
Artificial intelligence
Artinian module
Artinian ring
Artin–Rees lemma
Artin–Schreier theory
Artin–Wedderburn theorem
Ascending chain condition
Associated prime
Associative algebra
Associative property
Augmented matrix
Auto magma object
Autonomous system (mathematics)
Axiom of choice
Axiomatic system
Baby Monster group
Baer ring
Baker's map
Baker–Campbell–Hausdorff formula
Balance theorem
Banach algebra
Banach–Tarski paradox
Band matrix
Basis (linear algebra)
Bass number
Bendixson–Dulac theorem
Benjamin–Bona–Mahony equation
Benjamin–Ono equation
Bessel function
Bidiagonal matrix
Bifundamental representation
Bifurcation diagram
Bilinear form
Bilinear map
Bimonster group
Binary operation
Binary quadratic form
Bipartite graph
Bisymmetric matrix
Blob detection
Block matrix
Boolean algebra
Boolean algebra (structure)
Boolean ring
Borel subgroup
Borel–Weil theorem
Borel–Weil–Bott theorem
Born–Infeld model
Bose–Einstein condensate
Boundary (topology)
Boundary value problem
Boussinesq approximation (water waves)
Braid group
Braided monoidal category
Brauer group
Brauer–Fowler theorem
Brauer–Suzuki theorem
Brauer–Suzuki–Wall theorem
Bra–ket notation
Buchberger's algorithm
Buchsbaum ring
Burgers' equation
Burnside's lemma
Burnside's problem
Bäcklund transform
Bézier curve
Bézout domain
Bézout matrix
Cabibbo–Kobayashi–Maskawa matrix
Caesar cipher
Cahn–Hilliard equation
Calabi conjecture
Calabi flow
Calabi–Yau manifold
Camassa–Holm equation
Cancellation property
Cantor set
Capable group
Carathéodory's existence theorem
Carleman matrix
Cartan matrix
Cartan's criterion
Cartan's theorem
Cartesian product
Casimir invariant
Castelnuovo–Mumford regularity
Category (mathematics)
Category of abelian groups
Category of finite dimensional Hilbert spaces
Category of groups
Category of magmas
Category of medial magmas
Category of metric spaces
Category of relations
Category of rings
Category of sets
Category of topological spaces
Category of vector spaces
Category theory
Catenary ring
Cauchy matrix
Cauchy momentum equation
Cauchy problem
Cauchy–Binet formula
Cauchy–Kowalevski theorem
Cauchy–Riemann equations
Cauchy–Schwarz inequality
Cayley graph
Cayley table
Cayley's theorem
Cayley–Dickson construction
Cayley–Hamilton theorem
Celestial mechanics
Center (algebra)
Center (group theory)
Centering matrix
Central series
Central simple algebra
Centralizer and normalizer
Centrifugal force
Centrifugal governor
Centripetal force
Centrosymmetric matrix
Chain complex
Change of basis
Change of variables (PDE)
Chaos theory
Character (mathematics)
Character theory
Characteristic (algebra)
Characteristic polynomial
Characteristic subgroup
Chinese remainder theorem
Cholesky decomposition
Circle group
Circulant matrix
Clairaut's equation
Class field theory
Class function
Classical group
Classical involution theorem
Classical mechanics
Classification of finite simple groups
Clifford algebra
Clifford module
Clifford–Klein form
Clone (algebra)
Closed monoidal category
Closed system
Closed-form expression
Closure (mathematics)
Coding theory
Cofactor (linear algebra)
Cohen ring
Cohen–Macaulay ring
Coherent ring
Cohomological dimension
Column space
Combinatorial commutative algebra
Combinatorial species
Comma category
Commensurability (mathematics)
Commutation matrix
Commutative algebra
Commutative diagram
Commutative property
Commutative ring
Commutator subgroup
Compact group
Compactly generated group
Companion matrix
Complete field
Complete group
Complete intersection ring
Complete lattice
Completion (ring theory)
Complex analysis
Complex conjugate
Complex differential equation
Complex dynamics
Complex Hadamard matrix
Complex number
Complex quadratic polynomial
Complex representation
Complex squaring map
Component theorem
Composition series
Computer algebra system
Computer science
Computer vision
Concrete category
Conference matrix
Conformal group
Congruence ideal
Congruence relation
Congruence subgroup
Conic section
Conjugacy class
Conjugate closure
Conjugate element (field theory)
Conjugate transpose
Conjugation of isometries in Euclidean space
Constructible set (topology)
Contact geometry
Continuous function
Continuous symmetry
Continuum mechanics
Control theory
Convection–diffusion equation
Convergent matrix
Conway group
Conway group Co1
Conway group Co2
Conway group Co3
Coordinate space
Coordinate system
Coordinate vector
Copositive matrix
Core (group)
Coriolis effect
Correlation and dependence
Coset enumeration
Cotangent space
Countable set
Covariance and contravariance of vectors
Covariance matrix
Covariant derivative
Covering group
Covering groups of the alternating and symmetric groups
Covering space
Coxeter group
Cramer's rule
Cross product
Crystallographic point group
Cycle graph (algebra)
Cyclic group
Cyclic module
Cyclotomic field
D'Alembert's formula
Dagger category
Dagger compact category
Dagger symmetric monoidal category
Darboux derivative
Davey–Stewartson equation
De Rham cohomology
De Rham curve
Dedekind domain
Dedekind group
Defective matrix
Definite quadratic form
Degasperis–Procesi equation
Degree (mathematics)
Degree matrix
Degree of a field extension
Degree of a polynomial
Delay differential equation
Density matrix
Dependent and independent variables
Depth (ring theory)
Derivation of the Navier–Stokes equations
Derived category
Derived functor
Descent (category theory)
Deterministic system
Diagonal matrix
Diagonalizable matrix
Diagonally dominant matrix
Dicyclic group
Differentiable function
Differential (infinitesimal)
Differential algebra
Differential algebraic equation
Differential equation
Differential form
Differential Galois theory
Differential geometry
Diffusion equation
Dihedral group
Dihedral group of order 6
Dimension (mathematics and physics)
Dimension (vector space)
Dimension of an algebraic variety
Dimension theorem for vector spaces
Dimension theory (algebra)
Dimensional analysis
Diophantine equation
Dirac delta function
Direct limit
Direct product
Direct product of groups
Direct sum
Direct sum of groups
Direct sum of modules
Dirichlet boundary condition
Dirichlet conditions
Discontinuous Galerkin method
Discrete Fourier transform
Discrete group
Discrete logarithm
Discrete series representation
Discrete space
Discrete valuation
Discrete valuation ring
Dispersive partial differential equation
Dissipative system
Distance matrix
Distributive property
Divisible group
Division algebra
Division ring
Divisor (algebraic geometry)
Dodgson condensation
Domain (ring theory)
Donaldson theory
Dot product
Double pendulum
Doubly stochastic matrix
Drinfeld module
Dual (category theory)
Dual number
Dual space
Dualizing module
Duffing equation
Duffing map
Dunkl operator
Duplication and elimination matrices
Dyadic transformation
Dym equation
Dynamical system
Dynamical system (definition)
Dynamical systems theory
Dynamics (mechanics)
Dynkin diagram
E6 (mathematics)
E7 (mathematics)
E8 (mathematics)
Edmonds matrix
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Eikonal equation
Einstein field equations
Einstein notation
Eisenstein integer
Eisenstein's criterion
Elasticity (physics)
Electrical impedance
Electrical reactance
Electronic oscillator
Element (mathematics)
Elementary divisors
Elementary matrix
Elementary symmetric polynomial
Elimination theory
Elliptic curve
Elliptic partial differential equation
Endomorphism ring
Enriched category
Equaliser (mathematics)
Equation of state
Equations of motion
Equivalence class
Equivalence of categories
Equivalence relation
Equivariant map
Ergodic theory
Erlangen program
Ernst equation
Essential extension
Euclidean algorithm
Euclidean distance matrix
Euclidean domain
Euclidean group
Euclidean space
Euclidean subspace
Euclidean vector
Euler angles
Euler's theorem
Euler–Lagrange equation
Euler–Tricomi equation
Exact differential equation
Exact functor
Exact sequence
Examples of differential equations
Examples of groups
Examples of vector spaces
Excellent ring
Exchange matrix
Exponential dichotomy
Exponential function
Exponential growth
Exponential map (discrete dynamical systems)
Exponential object
Exponentiation by squaring
Ext functor
Extended finite element method
Extension and contraction of ideals
Extension of scalars
Exterior algebra
Exterior derivative
F4 (mathematics)
Feigenbaum constants
Feit–Thompson theorem
Fermat's little theorem
Fibred category
Field (mathematics)
Field (physics)
Field extension
Field norm
Field of fractions
Field theory (mathematics)
Field trace
Filtration (mathematics)
Finite difference
Finite difference method
Finite element method
Finite field
Finite field arithmetic
Finite group
Finite-volume method
Finitely generated algebra
Finitely-generated abelian group
Finitely-generated module
First-order partial differential equation
Fischer group
Fischer group Fi22
Fischer group Fi23
Fischer group Fi24
Fisher information
Fisher's equation
Fitting ideal
Fitting lemma
Fitting subgroup
FitzHugh–Nagumo model
Five lemma
Fixed point (mathematics)
Flat map
Flat module
Flat morphism
Flexible identity
Floquet theory
Fluid dynamics
Flywheel energy storage
Forgetful functor
Formal group
Formal power series
Formal system
Formally real field
Formally étale morphism
Foucault pendulum
Fourier series
Fourier transform
Fractional ideal
Frattini subgroup
Free abelian group
Free algebra
Free group
Free module
Free monoid
Free object
Free product
Frieze group
Frobenius group
Frobenius matrix
Frobenius normal form
Fuchsian group
Full and faithful functors
Function (mathematics)
Function composition
Function space
Functional analysis
Functor category
Fundamental frequency
Fundamental group
Fundamental matrix (computer vision)
Fundamental representation
Fundamental solution
Fundamental theorem on homomorphisms
Fuzzy associative matrix
G2 (mathematics)
Galilean transformation
Galois cohomology
Galois connection
Galois extension
Galois group
Galois module
Galois theory
Gamma matrices
Gauge theory
Gauss iterated map
Gaussian elimination
Gaussian integer
Gauss–Codazzi equations
Gauss–Jordan elimination
GCD domain
Gell-Mann matrices
General covariance
General linear group
General relativity
Generalized inverse
Generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation
Generalized permutation matrix
Generating set of a group
Generator matrix
Geometric algebra
Geometric group theory
Gilman–Griess theorem
Gingerbreadman map
Ginzburg–Landau theory
Global dimension
Global field
Glossary of commutative algebra
Glossary of field theory
Glossary of group theory
Glossary of module theory
Glossary of ring theory
Glossary of scheme theory
Glossary of tensor theory
Gluing axiom
Going up and going down
Gorenstein ring
Gorenstein–Harada theorem
Gorenstein–Walter theorem
Graded algebra
Graded Lie algebra
Graded vector space
Gradient conjecture
Gramian matrix
Gram–Schmidt process
Grand Unified Theory
Graph (mathematics)
Graph dynamical system
Graph theory
Green's relations
Griess algebra
Gross–Neveu model
Gross–Pitaevskii equation
Grothendieck local duality
Grothendieck's Galois theory
Group (mathematics)
Group action
Group algebra
Group cohomology
Group extension
Group homomorphism
Group isomorphism
Group object
Group of GF(2)-type
Group of Lie type
Group representation
Group ring
Group scheme
Group theory
Group with operators
Growth rate (group theory)
Gröbner basis
Hadamard matrix
Hall subgroup
Hall–Higman theorem
Hall–Janko group
Hamiltonian (quantum mechanics)
Hamiltonian matrix
Hamiltonian mechanics
Hamilton–Jacobi equation
Hankel matrix
Harada–Norton group
Harish-Chandra homomorphism
Harmonic function
Harmonic map
Harmonic oscillator
Hartree equation
Hasegawa–Mima equation
Hat matrix
Hausdorff space
Haynsworth inertia additivity formula
Heap (mathematics)
Heat equation
Hecke operator
Height (ring theory)
Heisenberg group
Held group
Helmholtz equation
Hensel's lemma
Henselian ring
Hereditary ring
Hermitian adjoint
Hermitian matrix
Herzog–Schönheim conjecture
Hessenberg matrix
Hessian matrix
Heyting algebra
Higher-order singular value decomposition
Higman–Sims group
Hilbert matrix
Hilbert series and Hilbert polynomial
Hilbert space
Hilbert's basis theorem
Hilbert's fifth problem
Hilbert's Nullstellensatz
Hilbert's syzygy theorem
Hilbert–Smith conjecture
History of topos theory
Hodge algebra
Hodge dual
Hodgkin–Huxley model
Hollow matrix
Hom functor
Homogeneous polynomial
Homogeneous space
Homological algebra
Homological conjectures in commutative algebra
Homological dimension
Homology (mathematics)
Homotopy analysis method
Homotopy perturbation method
Homotopy principle
Hopf algebra
Hopkins–Levitzki theorem
Horseshoe map
Householder transformation
Hunter–Saxton equation
Hurwitz matrix
Hurwitz quaternion
Hyperbolic geometry
Hyperbolic motion
Hyperbolic partial differential equation
Hypercomplex number
Hypergeometric function
Hénon map
Ideal (ring theory)
Ideal class group
Ideal quotient
Ideal theory
Idempotent element
Idempotent matrix
Identity element
Identity matrix
Ikeda map
Image (category theory)
Image (mathematics)
Implicit function
Implicit function theorem
Improper rotation
Incidence matrix
Incompressible flow
Indecomposable module
Indefinite orthogonal group
Induced representation
Infinite group
Infinitesimal character
Infinitesimal strain theory
Infinitesimal transformation
Initial and terminal objects
Initial value problem
Injective cogenerator
Injective function
Injective hull
Injective module
Inner automorphism
Inner product space
Integer matrix
Integer programming
Integrable system
Integral domain
Integral element
Integral equation
Integral transform
Intelligent control
Interval exchange transformation
Invariant (mathematics)
Invariant basis number
Invariant theory
Inverse element
Inverse Galois problem
Inverse limit
Inverse scattering transform
Inverted pendulum
Invertible matrix
Invertible module
Involutory matrix
Irreducible element
Irregular matrix
Irrelevant ideal
Ishimori equation
Isometry group
Isomonodromic deformation
Isomorphism class
Isomorphism of categories
Isomorphism theorem
Iterated function
Iterated function system
Iwasawa group
Jacobi identity
Jacobian matrix and determinant
Jacobson density theorem
Jacobson radical
Jacobson ring
Janko group
Janko group J1
Janko group J3
Janko group J4
Join and meet
Jordan algebra
Jordan normal form
Julia set
Kac–Moody algebra
Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation
Kan extension
Kaplan–Yorke map
Kaup–Kupershmidt equation
Kernel (algebra)
Kernel (category theory)
Kernel (matrix)
Kernel (set theory)
Kicked rotator
Killing form
Killing spinor
Kirillov character formula
Klein four-group
Kleinian group
Klein–Gordon equation
Knapsack problem
Knot theory
Koch snowflake
Kolmogorov–Arnold–Moser theorem
Korteweg–de Vries equation
Koszul complex
Krohn–Rhodes theory
Kronecker delta
Krull dimension
Krull's principal ideal theorem
Krull–Schmidt theorem
Krylov–Bogoliubov averaging method
Krylov–Bogolyubov theorem
Kummer theory
Kähler differential
Künneth theorem
L-balance theorem
Lagrange's theorem (group theory)
Lagrangian mechanics
Lagrangian point
Landau–Lifshitz model
Langlands program
Laplace formula
Laplace operator
Laplace transform applied to differential equations
Laplace's equation
Laplacian matrix
Lasker–Noether theorem
Latin square
Lattice (discrete subgroup)
Lattice (group)
Lattice (order)
Lattice of subgroups
Lattice theorem
Laurent polynomial
Laws of Form
Lax pair
Least squares
Leech lattice
Legendre polynomials
Lehmer matrix
Lemma (mathematics)
Length of a module
Levi-Civita symbol
Levitzky's theorem
Lewy's example
Lie algebra
Lie algebra cohomology
Lie algebra representation
Lie derivative
Lie group
Lie group decomposition
Lie groupoid
Lie ring
Lie superalgebra
Lie theory
Lie's third theorem
Limit (category theory)
Limit cycle
Linear algebraic group
Linear code
Linear combination
Linear differential equation
Linear equation
Linear form
Linear function
Linear independence
Linear least squares (mathematics)
Linear map
Linear programming
Linear programming relaxation
Linear regression
Linear span
Linear subspace
Linear system
Linearly disjoint
Lin–Tsien equation
Liouville's equation
Liquid crystal
List of abstract algebra topics
List of chaotic maps
List of commutative algebra topics
List of finite simple groups
List of first-order theories
List of group theory topics
List of mathematical symbols
List of matrices
List of nonlinear partial differential equations
List of small groups
List of things named after Leonhard Euler
Lists of mathematics topics
Liénard equation
Local analysis
Local cohomology
Local field
Local ring
Localization of a module
Localization of a ring
Locally cyclic group
Logical consequence
Logical matrix
Logistic function
Logistic map
Loop algebra
Loop group
Lorentz group
Lorentz transformation
Lorenz system
Lotka–Volterra equation
Lp space
LU decomposition
Ludwig von Bertalanffy
Lumped capacitance model
Lyapunov fractal
Lyons group
Macaulay computer algebra system
Magma (algebra)
Main diagonal
Malthusian catastrophe
Malthusian growth model
Mandelbrot set
Many-body problem
Map (mathematics)
Map of lattices
Markov chain
Maschke's theorem
Mathematical analysis
Mathematical logic
Mathieu group
Mathieu group M11
Mathieu group M12
Mathieu group M22
Mathieu group M23
Mathieu group M24
Matlis duality
Matrix (mathematics)
Matrix addition
Matrix congruence
Matrix consimilarity
Matrix decomposition
Matrix difference equation
Matrix differential equation
Matrix equivalence
Matrix exponential
Matrix multiplication
Matrix of ones
Matrix representation of conic sections
Matrix ring
Matrix similarity
Maurer–Cartan form
Max-plus algebra
Maxima and minima
Maximal ideal
Maximal torus
Maxwell's equations
McLaughlin group (mathematics)
Measure-preserving dynamical system
Mechanical equilibrium
Menger sponge
Meshfree methods
Method of characteristics
Method of quantum characteristics
Metric tensor
Metzler matrix
Minimal ideal
Minimal polynomial
Minimal surface
Minkowski's theorem
Minor (linear algebra)
Mitchell's embedding theorem
Mixed tensor
Mixing (mathematics)
Model category
Model theory
Modular arithmetic
Modular form
Modular group
Modular representation theory
Module (mathematics)
Molecular dynamics
Molecular symmetry
Moment matrix
Moment of inertia
Monad (category theory)
Monge–Ampère equation
Monoid (category theory)
Monoid factorisation
Monoid ring
Monoidal category
Monomial basis
Monster group
Monster Lie algebra
Monstrous moonshine
Moore matrix
Mori domain
Morita equivalence
Multidimensional systems
Multigrid method
Multilinear algebra
Multilinear map
Multilinear subspace learning
Multiplication table
Multiplicative group
Multiplicative inverse
Multivariable calculus
Musical tuning
Möbius transformation
N-body problem
N-group (finite group theory)
Nagata ring
Nakayama lemma
Natural number
Natural number object
Natural transformation
Navier–Stokes equations
Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness
Necessity and sufficiency
Negative feedback
Neoclassical growth model
Network analysis
Network theory
Neumann boundary condition
Newton fractal
Newton's laws of motion
Nielsen transformation
Nil ideal
Nilpotent group
Nilpotent ideal
Nilpotent matrix
Nilradical of a ring
Nine lemma
Noether normalization
Noether normalization lemma
Noether's theorem
Noetherian module
Noetherian ring
Non-associative algebra
Non-linear sigma model
Nonassociative ring
Noncommutative ring
Nonlinear control
Nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Nonlinear system
Nonnegative matrix
Normal basis
Normal extension
Normal matrix
Normal morphism
Normal subgroup
Normal-form game
Normed vector space
Nova fractal
Novikov–Veselov equation
Nuclear physics
Nullity theorem
Numerical analysis
Numerical linear algebra
Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations
Numerical partial differential equations
O'Nan group
Omega equation
One-parameter group
Operation (mathematics)
Opposite ring
Optimal control
Orbit method
Orbital overlap
Orbital resonance
Order isomorphism
Order theory
Ordered field
Ordered ring
Ordinary differential equation
Origin (mathematics)
Orthogonal complement
Orthogonal group
Orthogonal matrix
Outer automorphism group
Outer product
Outline of algebraic structures
Overdetermined system
P-adic analysis
P-adic number
Parabolic partial differential equation
Parafactorial local ring
Parity of a permutation
Partial derivative
Partial differential algebraic equation
Partial differential equation
Partially ordered group
Particle swarm optimization
Pascal matrix
Pauli matrices
Peano axioms
Peano existence theorem
Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
Pentadiagonal matrix
Perfect group
Perfect matrix
Perfect ring
Permutation group
Permutation matrix
Permutation representation
Perron–Frobenius theorem
Persymmetric matrix
Perturbation theory
Peter–Weyl theorem
Picard group
Picard–Lindelöf theorem
Pick matrix
Pin group
Plasma oscillation
Poincaré conjecture
Poincaré group
Poincaré half-plane model
Poincaré–Bendixson theorem
Point group
Point groups in three dimensions
Point source
Pointless topology
Poisson bracket
Poisson's equation
Poisson–Boltzmann equation
Polar decomposition
Polynomial matrix
Polynomial ring
Pontryagin duality
Population dynamics
Positive feedback
Positive semidefinite
Positive-definite matrix
Power associativity
Pre-abelian category
Preadditive category
Precision (statistics)
Presentation of a group
Primary ideal
Prime element
Prime ideal
Prime number
Prime ring
Primitive equations
Primitive ideal
Primitive ring
Primordial element (algebra)
Principal homogeneous space
Principal ideal
Principal ideal domain
Principal indecomposable module
Principal series representation
Probability distribution
Probability theory
Product (category theory)
Product of group subsets
Product of rings
Product topology
Profinite group
Projection (linear algebra)
Projective cover
Projective geometry
Projective linear group
Projective module
Projective representation
Projective space
Prüfer domain
Pseudo algebraically closed field
Pullback (category theory)
Pure submodule
Pushout (category theory)
QR decomposition
Quadratic form
Quadratic pair
Quantum chemistry
Quantum field theory
Quantum mechanics
Quartic interaction
Quasi-Frobenius ring
Quasidihedral group
Quasisimple group
Quasithin group
Quaternion group
Quaternionic matrix
Quaternionic representation
Quillen–Suslin theorem
Quiver (mathematics)
Quotient group
Quotient module
Quotient ring
Rabinovich–Fabrikant equations
Racks and quandles
Radical of a module
Radical of an ideal
Radioactive decay
Raising and lowering indices
Random matrix
Random variable
Range (mathematics)
Rank (linear algebra)
Rank of a group
Rank of an abelian group
Rank–nullity theorem
Rational difference equation
Rational function
Rational number
Rational point
Reaction wheel
Real closed field
Real form (Lie theory)
Real number
Real representation
Recurrence plot
Recurrence relation
Redheffer matrix
Reduced ring
Ree group
Rees algebra
Regular local ring
Regular representation
Regular ring
Regular sequence
Replicator equation
Representable functor
Representation of a Lie group
Representation of a Lie superalgebra
Representation theory
Representation theory of diffeomorphism groups
Representation theory of finite groups
Representation theory of Hopf algebras
Representation theory of SL2(R)
Representation theory of SU(2)
Representation theory of the Poincaré group
Representation theory of the symmetric group
Resolution (algebra)
Resolvent (Galois theory)
Restricted representation
Restriction of scalars
Riccati equation
Ricci calculus
Ricci flow
Richards equation
Ring (mathematics)
Ring homomorphism
Ring theory
RLC circuit
Robin boundary condition
Robust control
Root of unity
Root system
Rotation around a fixed axis
Rotation group SO(3)
Rotation matrix
Rotational energy
Rotational invariance
Row echelon form
Row equivalence
Row space
Rubik's Cube group
Rudvalis group
Rössler attractor
Scalar multiplication
Schanuel's lemma
Schoenflies notation
Schreier refinement theorem
Schreier's lemma
Schreier–Sims algorithm
Schrödinger equation
Schur complement
Schur decomposition
Schur multiplier
Schur orthogonality relations
Schur's lemma
Segre embedding
Seiberg–Witten invariant
Seidel adjacency matrix
Seifert surface
Self-propelled particles
Semi-local ring
Semidirect product
Semiperfect ring
Semiprime ring
Semiprimitive ring
Semisimple algebra
Semisimple Lie algebra
Semisimple module
Separable extension
Separable partial differential equation
Separable polynomial
Separation of variables
Sequence alignment
Sequential dynamical system
Serre's multiplicity conjectures
Serre–Swan theorem
Set (mathematics)
Set theory
Sethi model
Shallow water equations
Sharkovskii's theorem
Sheaf (mathematics)
Sheaf cohomology
Shear mapping
Shear matrix
Shift matrix
Shor's algorithm
Short five lemma
Sierpinski carpet
Sierpinski triangle
Sign (mathematics)
Signalizer functor
Signature (logic)
Signature matrix
Similarity matrix
Simple extension
Simple group
Simple harmonic motion
Simple Lie group
Simple module
Simple ring
Simplex algorithm
Sine–Gordon equation
Singular solution
Singular submodule
Singular value decomposition
Skew lattice
Skew-Hermitian matrix
Skew-symmetric matrix
Skolem–Noether theorem
Skyline matrix
Smooth morphism
Snake lemma
Sobolev space
Socle (mathematics)
Solenoid (mathematics)
Solenoidal vector field
Solvable group
Space group
Sparse matrix
Special functions
Special linear group
Special unitary group
Spectral element method
Spectral sequence
Spectral theorem
Spectrum of a ring
Spherical pendulum
Spin group
Spin structure
Spin wave
Spinor field
Split-step method
Splitting field
Splitting lemma
Splitting of prime ideals in Galois extensions
Spontaneous symmetry breaking
Sporadic group
Spread of a matrix
Squeeze mapping
Stability theory
Stable polynomial
Stably free module
Standard basis
Standard map
Stanley–Reisner ring
State-transition matrix
Steiner system
Steinitz exchange lemma
Stochastic control
Stochastic differential equation
Stochastic matrix
Stochastic partial differential equation
Stochastic process
Stochastic processes and boundary value problems
Stone–von Neumann theorem
Strassen algorithm
Stress–energy tensor
String (computer science)
Strong generating set
Strongly embedded subgroup
Strongly ribbon category
Structure (category theory)
Structure theorem for finitely generated modules over a principal ideal domain
Sturm–Liouville theory
Subobject classifier
Subset sum problem
Substitution matrix
Superposition principle
Support of a module
Surjective function
Suzuki groups
Suzuki sporadic group
Swarm intelligence
Swift–Hohenberg equation
Sylow theorems
Sylvester matrix
Symbolic computation
Symbolic dynamics
Symbolic method
Symmetric algebra
Symmetric function
Symmetric group
Symmetric matrix
Symmetric tensor
Symmetry group
Symplectic group
Symplectic manifold
Symplectic matrix
Symplectic representation
Syntactic monoid
System analysis
System dynamics
System of linear equations
Table of Lie groups
Takens' theorem
Tangent space
Tarski monster group
Tate module
Tensor (intrinsic definition)
Tensor algebra
Tensor contraction
Tensor density
Tensor field
Tensor product
Tensor product of algebras
Tensor product of fields
Tensor product of modules
Tent map
Thin group
Thirring model
Thompson groups
Thompson sporadic group
Tidal resonance
Tietze transformations
Tight closure
Time-scale calculus
Tinkerbell map
Tits group
Toda lattice
Todd–Coxeter algorithm
Toeplitz matrix
Topological dynamics
Topological group
Topological quantum field theory
Topological space
Topological vector space
Tor functor
Torsion (algebra)
Torsion subgroup
Torsion-free module
Torsionless module
Total order
Total quotient ring
Totally positive matrix
Trace (linear algebra)
Transcendence degree
Transfer (group theory)
Transformation matrix
Transformation semigroup
Transversal (combinatorics)
Triangular matrix
Triangulated category
Trichotomy theorem
Tridiagonal matrix
Triple DES
Triple product
Trivial representation
Tutte matrix
Twin prime
Unary operation
Uncountable set
Underdetermined system
Uniform convergence
Uniform module
Unimodular matrix
Unique factorization domain
Uniqueness case
Uniqueness quantification
Unit (ring theory)
Unit interval
Unitary group
Unitary matrix
Unitary representation
Universal algebra
Universal differential equation
Universal enveloping algebra
Universal property
Up to
Valuation (algebra)
Valuation ring
Van der Pol oscillator
Vandermonde matrix
Variable (mathematics)
Variety (universal algebra)
Vector space
Vector-valued function
Vectorization (mathematics)
Verdier duality
Vertex (graph theory)
Vertex operator algebra
Virasoro algebra
Von Neumann algebra
Von Neumann regular ring
Wallpaper group
Walsh matrix
Walter theorem
Wave equation
Weak derivative
Weak dimension
Weak operator topology
Weak solution
Wedderburn's little theorem
Weierstrass preparation theorem
Weierstrass ring
Weighing matrix
Weight (representation theory)
Wess–Zumino–Witten model
Weyl character formula
Weyl group
Whitehead problem
Whitham equation
Wiener process
Wigner quasiprobability distribution
Wigner's classification
Wigner–Eckart theorem
Wigner–Weyl transform
Wind wave
Witt algebra
WKB approximation
Word problem for groups
Wreath product
X–Y–Z matrix
Yamabe problem
Yang–Mills theory
Yoneda lemma
Young tableau
Z* theorem
Z-matrix (chemistry)
Z-matrix (mathematics)
Zakharov system
Zakharov–Schulman system
Zariski ring
Zariski tangent space
Zaslavskii map
Zassenhaus lemma
Zero divisor
Zero matrix
Zero morphism
Zero ring
ZJ theorem
Zorn's lemma
Étale cohomology
Étale morphism