VSR V8 Trophy

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VSR V8 Trophy
CategoryStock car
CountryUnited Kingdom
Inaugural season2001
Drivers12 (2007)
Teams6 (2007)
ConstructorsChevrolet, Ford, Pontiac
Drivers' championColin White
Official websiteVSR V8 Trophy

VSR V8 Trophy was a stock car racing series that raced at circuits around the UK, with a date in northern France at Croix en Ternois. The series became part of the European Late Model Series in 2009, racing in Belgium and the UK.


The series has gone through multiple revisions since its inaugural year in 2001.

From 2001 to 2003 the series was known as ASCAR. In 2003 the series took on the additional name of "Days of Thunder" after the film of the same name. This was done as a marketing tool as starting in this year they promoted the series as a day out for all the family and had appearances from bands such as Busted and The Darkness. The series was still officially known as ASCAR.

In 2004 the ASCAR label was dropped completely and the series was labelled as the "Days of Thunder Racing Series".

2005 saw the series renamed "Stock Car Speed Association" (SCSA) after a link-up with the American Speed Association and incorporated the Pickup Truck Racing Series under the same banner, which had accompanied the races since 2003.

In 2006 the SCSA and Pickup Truck Racing ran at Rockingham as part of the Thunder Sundays package organised by the BRSCC.

The SCSA name remained for 2007; as part of a new sponsorship deal competitors competed for the 'SCSA MAC Tools V8 Trophy'. On Wednesday 5 September, British motorsport publication Motorsport News reported that the SCSA would come to an end after the final race of this season.

However, the teams, and the organisers of the Mac Tools V8 Trophy vowed to continue in 2008, whether as a MSA Sanctioned championship, or just as a "series".

2008 heralded a new direction for the series with a focus on road courses due to a lack of dates offered by the oval tracks. The cars ran as part of the VSR Series, with the stock cars known as the VSR V8 Trophy.

In 2009 the series joined with CAMSO V8 to form the new European Late Model Series.


Between 2004 and 2007 all of the SCSA's races were held at Rockingham. They have also raced at Eurospeedway in Germany but have not been there since 2003 due to the costs involved and the projected grid numbers of cars willing to make the journey.

The 2008 race dates were:

Past champions[edit]

Ben Collins on his way to winning the 2003 ASCAR championship
Year # Driver Points Team
2007 78 United Kingdom Colin White 1940 CWS Racing
2006 88 United Kingdom Oli Playle 1985 Team West-Tec
2005 28 Netherlands Michael Vergers 2245 Team West-Tec
2004 24 United Kingdom Stevie Hodgson 2010 TorqueSpeed
2003 84 United Kingdom Ben Collins 2299 RML
2002 8 France Nicolas Minassian 2535 RML
2001 24 United Kingdom John Mickel 860 TorqueSpeed

List of race winners[edit]

Wins Driver Seasons competed
13 United Kingdom Colin White 2001–2007
10 United Kingdom Oli Playle 2003–2006
9 United Kingdom Ian McKellar Jr. 2002–2005
Netherlands Michael Vergers 2001, 2003–2005
7 United Kingdom Ben Collins 2002–2004
6 United Kingdom Darren Turner 2002
5 United Kingdom John Mickel 2001–2005
3 United Kingdom Kelvin Burt 2002
United Kingdom Stevie Hodgson 2002–2005
2 United Kingdom Kevin McGarrity 2002
Germany Roland Rehfeld 2002–2003
United Kingdom Hunter Abbott 2005–2007
1 United Kingdom John Steward 2001–2007
United Kingdom Rob Speak 2001–2004
France Nicolas Minassian 2002
United Kingdom Darren Manning 2002
United Kingdom Lee O'Keefe 2002, 2006–2007
United Kingdom Mark Willis 2004, 2006–2007

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