Victory Bridge, Yerevan

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Victory Bridge
Haghtanak bridge.JPG
The Victory Bridge
Coordinates 40°10′30″N 44°29′58″E / 40.17500°N 44.49944°E / 40.17500; 44.49944
Crosses Hrazdan River
Locale Yerevan
Total length 200 m (656.2 ft)
Width 25 m (82.0 ft)
Height 34 m (111.5 ft)
Opened 1945
Daily traffic Dual carriageway

The Victory Bridge or Haghtanak Bridge (Armenian: Հաղթանակի կամուրջ Haght'anaki kamurj) is an arch bridge for traffic linking across the Hrazdan River in Yerevan, Armenia. It connects the Mashtots Avenue in the east with the Admiral Isakov Avenue in the west. It was opened on 25 November 1945 and named the Victory Bridge to commemorate the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany at the end of World War II.[1]

It was designed by architects A. Mamijanyan and A. Asatryan and consists of seven arches.