Wang Jun (Three Kingdoms)

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Wang Jun
Traditional Chinese 王濬
Simplified Chinese 王浚
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wang.

Wang Jun (206–286), courtesy name Shizhi (士治), was a military general who lived in the late Three Kingdoms period and early Western Jin Dynasty. He was appointed Imperial Protector of Yi Province and Prancing Dragon General. He submitted a memorial to Emperor Wu, advising an attack on Eastern Wu, along with Du Yu and Yang Hu.

In 280, many generals, including Du Yu, Sima Zhou and Wang Rong, marched to attack several different strategic locations. Wang led a marine force against the capital Jianye to support the land attack. With the help of Zhang Xiang, he attacked Jianye and forced Eastern Wu's last emperor Sun Hao to surrender. Wang was then promoted to Commanding General Who Guides the Kingdom.

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