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This is an archive of discussions from Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Proposals for the month of November 2006. Please move completed November discussions to this page as they occur, add discussion headers to each proposal showing the result, and leave incomplete discussions on the Proposals page. After November, the remainder of the discussions will be moved to this page, whether stub types have been created or not.

Those who create a stub template/cat should be responsible for moving the discussion here and listing the stub type in the archive summary.

Stub proposers please note: Items tagged as "nocreate" or "no consensus" are welcome for re-proposal if and when circumstances are auspicious.


Nazi stubs

Television episode subcats

Television character subcats

Poetry subtypes

Category:Dominican Republic baseball pitcher stubs


Bank stubs


Category:Ancient Rome geographic stubs

Geography related stub template



Boat Club Stubs

Upmerged US school templates at or near threshold

Category:European sports venue stubs update

Further split of Euro-athletics-bio-stubs

Category:1968 Summer Olympics stubs

Bishop subcats

Long Island Rail Road station stubs

Belgium stub splitting

{{RC-stub}} revisited...


{{Denmark-hist-stub}} / Category:Danish history stubs / {{Denmark-battle-stub}}

{{Luxembourg-sport-stub}} / Category:Luxembourgian sport stubs

{{UK-footyclub-stub}} / Category:United Kingdom football club stubs

Oil and Gas Industry Stubs


Category:Essay stubs / {{essay-stub}}

{{Turkey-politician-stub}} / Category:Turkish politician stubs

Category:Finnish football biography stubs

Further sorting of {{India-bio-stub}}


North America mountain stubs

Category:Wyong suburb geography stubs

{{Germany-bio-stub}} further splits


Further split of {{France-bio-stub}}

Category:Tanzanian ethnicity stubs

{{Portugal-writer-stub}} / Category:Portuguese writer stubs

A couple more country-geo-stub template only creations

WikiProject Munich stub categories

{{Exonumia-stub}} / Category:Exonumia stubs

{{Full Metal Alchemist}}



Physiology stubs

Category:Italian athletics biography stubs

South Africa split


Double-upmerged template watch: geography


Joinery Stubs

Gold Coast Stubs

Uttar Pradesh location subtypes

Tamil Nadu location subtypes

Category:Tajikistani people stubs

Category:Virginia university stubs

{{classical-lit-stub}} / Category:Classical literature stubs


Houston, Texas related articles (WikiProject Houston)

{{Colombia-footy-bio-stub}} / Category:Colombian football biography stubs

Category:19th century novel stubs

{{rock-band-stub}} / Category:Rock musical group stubs

Trinidad and Tobago stubs

Education subcats

Category:United States manufacturing company stubs

Southern Gospel Stubs

Battlestar Galactica stubs {{Galactica-stub}}

New Zealand structures

Category:Ranunculales stubs

{{Gosford-geo-stub}} / Category:Gosford suburb geography stubs

University of Virginia stubs

Haitian people stubs

Category:Canadian comedian stubs

Splits of dinosaur-stub and paleo-stub

Jewish Schools stub

Gaelic sports stubs


1960s albums

New Zealand split

Japanese rail subtypes

Category:German World War II stubs

Category:Japanese Go biography stubs

{{Sweden-musician-stub}}| / Category:Swedish musician stubs

{{China-mil-bio-stub}} / Category:Chinese military personnel stubs