4735th Air Defense Group

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4735th Air Defense Group
60th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron McDonnell F-101B 57-0376 1960.jpg
Active 1957-1959
Country  United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type Fighter Interceptor
Role Air Defense
Part of Air Defense Command.png  Air Defense Command
Garrison/HQ Otis AFB, Massachusetts

The 4735th Air Defense Group is a discontinued United States Air Force organization. It was assigned to the Boston Air Defense Sector throughout its existence at Otis Air Force Base, Massachusetts, where it was last active in 1959. The group was formed to provide a single command and support organization for the two fighter interceptor squadrons of Air Defense Command (ADC) at Otis, when the 33d Fighter Wing inactivated and the 551st Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing became the host at Otis. One of its squadrons was the first ADC unit to fly the McDonnell F-101 Voodoo. It was discontinued after the 58th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron moved in 1959, leaving only a single fighter squadron at Otis.


The group was organized at Otis AFB, Massachusetts,[1] replacing the 33d Fighter Group (Air Defense)[2] as the headquarters for the 33d's operational squadrons when the 33rd Fighter Wing (Air Defense) and its components were inactivated.[3][4][5] The 33rd FIW's 33rd Air Base Group was simultaneously replaced as the USAF host organization for Otis by elements of the 551st Airborne Early Warning and Control Wing's 551st Air Base Group.[6] The 58th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (FIS), flying Northrop F-89 Scorpion aircraft[7] and 60th FIS, flying Lockheed F-94 Starfire aircraft,[8] former squadrons of the 33rd Fighter Group, were reassigned to the 4735th.[9][10] The group assumed responsibility for air defense of eastern Massachusetts.[citation needed] Aircraft maintenance for the two FIS was performed by the 602nd Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (CAMS), which was activated at Otis and assignrd to the group.[11] In February 1959, the 60th FIS converted to F-101 VooDoo aircraft, becoming the first F-101 squadron in Air Defense Command.[8] The 4735th was discontinued[1] on 1 August 1959 when the 58th FIS relocated to Walker AFB, New Mexico, leaving only one operational fighter squadron at Otis.[9] The 60th FIS was reassigned directly to Boston Air Defense Sector,[10] and the 602nd CAMS was inactivated.[11]


  • Designated and organized as 4735th Air Defense Group on 18 August 1957
Discontinued on 1 August 1959


  • Boston Air Defense Sector, 18 August 1957 - 1 August 1959[1]


  • 58th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 18 August 1957 - 1 August 1959[12]
  • 60th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, 18 August 1957 - 1 August 1959[13]
  • 602nd Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 18 August 1957 - 8 July 1958


  • F-89H 1957-1959
  • F-89J 1957-1959
  • F-94C 1957-1959
  • F-101B 1959


  • Col. David B. Tudor, 1958[14]

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