646th Radar Squadron

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646th Radar Squadron
646th Radar Squadron - Emblem.png
Emblem of the 646th Radar Squadron
Active 1948 June 1-1966 July 1
Country United States
Branch  United States Air Force
Type General Radar Surveillance Squadron
assigned to:
1948 June 1 -503d Aircraft Warning Group
1949 December 6 - 503d Aircraft Control and Warning Group
1952 February 6 - 26th Air Division
1953 February 16 - 4709th Defense Wing
1956 October 18 - 4621st Air Defense Wing
1957 January 8 - New York Air Defense Sector
1966 April 1 - 21st Air Division

The 646th Aircraft Control Squadron was the operational USAF unit of Highlands Air Force Station and manned a flight at Texas Tower 4, a Highlands offshore radar annex from 1959 until it collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean in 1961, killing 28 people. The squadron was activated on 1 June 1948 and renamed the 646th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron on 6 December 1949, then 646th Radar Squadron (SAGE) on 1 Oct 1958.