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Bhāl region (Hindi: भाल प्रदेश) is spread across political boundaries of two districts of the Indian state of Gujarat,Which Is Also Known As The Land Of Chudasamas. namely Bhavnagar district (Gujarati: ભાવનગર) and Ahmedabad district (Gujarati: અમદાવાદ). The word Bhaal (Gujarati: ભાલ) (Hindi: भाल) seems to have been derived from the Sanskrit word भाल which means forehead. Such a name is given to this region probably because it is mostly as flat as a forehead with almost entire region's soil without any stones, pebbles or gravel.

Rivers flowing through Bhal region[edit]




Ghelo River starts near Babra in Amreli district and meets Gulf of Cambay in Bhal Region of Gujarat State.


Kalubhar River starts near Dhasa in Bhavnagar district and meets Gulf of Cambay in Bhal Region of Gujarat State.


Limdi no Bhogavo[edit]



Rangholi (merges in Kalubhar before reaching Bhal )[edit]


Surendranagar no Bhogavo[edit]

Vatrak (merges in Sabarmati)[edit]

Diversity of Bhal region[edit]

Wildlife and birds[edit]

Archiological and historical sites[edit]

Gamph was the small state of India, Ruled by chudasama Rajputs, There are 52 Estates of Chudasama Rajputs in Dhandhuka area which all are the Bhayads of Gamph state . This Rajputs are belongs to old Rah Dynasty of Junagadh.

Pilgrimage sites[edit]

  • Gorasu - Chudasama Rajput's Sahayak Devi Khodiyar Mataji Temple
  • Bhadiyad - Chudasama Rajputs Kuldevi Bhavani Mataji Temple
  • Arnej - Bootbhawani Mataji temple
  • Bawaliyali - Radha-Krishna temple
  • Dholka - Kalikund tirth Jain Temple
  • Ganpatipura - Swayambhu Ganpati Idol & temple + Swaminarayan Mandir
  • Nani Boru - Lord Shiva Temple built by Prashnora Nagar Brahmin community

Famous fairs[edit]

  • Vautha

Notable Rulers[edit]

Chudasama Rajput was notable rulers of Bhal, they were came here from Junagadh

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