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Total population
~13 000 000[citation needed]
Regions with significant populations
Algeria  · Tunisia  · Libya  · Egypt
Turkish  · Arabic
Sunni Islam

Kouloughlis, also known as Koulouglis,[1] Cologhlis and Qulaughlis (from Ottoman Turkish) means "children of subjects", it is equivalent to kuloğlu, the contraction of kul ("subject" or "soldier") and oğlum ("son"), respectively, "oğlu" being a patronymic suffix in modern Turkish. The term was used during the Ottoman period to designate the offspring of Turkish men and North African women.[2][3][4] The phrase comes from the fact that the rulers of the Ottoman Empire conquered much of North Africa and sent Turkish colonizers to Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia; their children, the society’s "elite" were therefore given the name "Kouloughlis".


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